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Do you believe Ohio State should part ways with Jim Tressel?

46% (533 votes)
54% (622 votes)
Total Votes: 1155


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Voted yes. This really isn't a huge deal to me because of what I know goes on in college sports but Ohio State can't have someone that lied and signed off on a lie running the program. No matter how squeaky clean he is/has been. It's really sad and unfortunate because he has been great for the school and community.

I however hope Urban Meyer is never the coach at Ohio State. He rubs me the wrong way for whatever reason and would like to see Spielman in there. How awesome would that be.

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I love spielman, but would be beyond pissed if he were named the head coach. how long has it been since he has coached, and what has he ever done that would make you think he's the right coach for osu?  being a great player doesnt mean you'd be a great coach

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Spielman was a terrible, terrible arena football coach with no assistant experience or anything suggesting he can coach football at any level. Urban Meyer's won 2 national championships and 3 BCS bowls.

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Hiring someone who has no college coaching experience at any level..........hmmmmmm........I vote NO!!!

Love Spielman, but he is not the next coach at Ohio State.

vacuuming sucks

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Yeah I know it won't happen but would be sweet to see his attitude and emotion on the sideline.

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Has there ever been a vote this even?

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I'm interested in seeing a list of people who folks here think could run a clean program with a similar level of success we've enjoyed for the past decade under Tressel. If you're thinking of responding and putting Urban Meyer's name on that list, you've already lost.

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Mark May :P


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He would burst into flames the instant he stepped onto the sacred ground that is Ohio Stadium.

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That burst into flames portion would also prob be due to someone pouring gasoline on him while Brutus lights the match.


Will say this, pretty interesting to me to see such a close divide on stay or go. 49/51. Yikes.

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Is there some cheating with the voting?  I cannot believe that almost half of 11w wants to see Tress gone?  Maybe we should try to hire Pete Carroll or Lane Kiffin?  FTW! just snatch Saban from the jaws of 'Bama..... AND while we are at it, lets fire Matta and hire Calipari...

IMO -- Woody needs to clock everyone who voted yes square in the jawline from his grave.  FFFFFUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Note to those who voted yes -- put away your Arcade Fire albums, shave your nappy beards and quit reading Ayn Rand.  Thx.


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I believe there could be some vote-jacking from external sources. Seeing a lot of MGoBlog traffic today, so take the poll results as you will. If all of the votes were from site regulars only, I'd guess it would be about 70/30 to keep.

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I'm going to go ahead and say that a hell of a lot of these votes did not come from Ohio State fans.  Normally I think the polls on here only get around 400 total votes and right now there are over 900 votes in and it's still climbing.  I would guess that at least 25% of the votes came from non-Ohio State fans.

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But I know clearly all of us blindly support Jim Tressel, right Kirk? Dumbass.

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I find it surprising that so many have voted yes. I also don't understand the hate towards Meyer, he doesn't have any control over whether or not his players commit crimes, then again he doesn't have to recruit suspicious players. Also last time I checked Meyer never lied to the NCAA, before we start declaring that another coach or player is dirty, look at our own situation. Glass houses folks...

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From Ramzy's column:

You know how many other FBS coaches would have hoped or tried for this episode to erase itself rather than give a glimpse of it to their compliance departments?  All of them.  This isn't the cop out of "it happens everywhere."  This is the fundamental principle of risk mitigation that says if you think you can make trouble disappear rather than deal with its consequences, you make it disappear. 

If we all agree that this goes on everywhere, with every coach, then why on earth would anyone want to rid themselves of Jim Tressel? To get someone who's better at covering stuff up? I guess I could buy the logic of that at least, although that's a pretty hypocritical line of thinking.

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From talking to some of my friends who've played D1 sports at unis across the US, they all agree, that things like this go on EVERYWHERE.  In EVERY sport.  Sorry folks, that's the truth.

It's the getting caught part that changes things...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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I agree that lots of shady stuff goes on in college football but Tressel lied to the NCAA and signed off on a legal document that he didn't know of any violations.  If this was just about the players selling their memoribilia than I would say kick them all off the team and lets move on.  However, Tressel, who preaches integrity and doing the right thing, has committed a major violation.  I wish this wasn't true but you can't have him as a coach after that.  It will be a sad ending to an otherwise illustrious career. 

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

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So, just to be clear, your vote would be that if every coach hides violations (my premise above), Ohio State should fire Tressel and hire someone else to hide violations, then? Am I understanding you correctly or did you not understand my premise?

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Listen THE_LURKER.  I don't give a crap what other coaches do or do not honestly.  The fact is that he lied to the NCAA.  It is the same as lying under oath like Roger Clemens.  I am more disappointed that he did not stick by his integrity and report the Tat 5 when he found out. 

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

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I'm disappointed by it too, but I'm not going to let one bad thing tip the scale against all the good he's done, even if it was serious. He wasn't putting kids' families up in McMansions, handing out satchels of cash for a laptop-stealing, Heisman-caliber QB, keeping his players plied with hookers, booze & drugs, etc., so I can live with it even if I don't like it, because I know and accept that the majority of what's out there is far worse than what we've got.

I'm not trying to rattle your own personal cage, I simply presented a hypothetical based on ramzy's column (i.e., if all coaches do this, do you want Tressel gone?). You responded and I wanted to make sure I understood your response correctly.

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The NCAA has as much of my respect as DickRod does.

When one has the power of Judge, Jury, and Executioner, it is right to suspect that no one will get a fair shake.  When Auburn burns, I'll consider the NCAA's suggestion of how JT should be punished.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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I've seen tons of media person(s) saying that there is a huge split amongst buckeye nation. Just wasn't sure I believed that. Certainly appears so.


As for my opinion on it. Once the NCAA hands down it's ruling on the matter is when I'll make my mind up on it. I'm not going to condemn a man as a dirty, rotten, cheating coach when there is a mile long list of things to the contrary. Also not going to go solely based off the good he has done. This is a major infraction & depending on the nuance of everything, there will be a price to pay. We'll see.


For the 200th time echoed by so many, attributing Jim Tressel as identical to Pearl, USC, etc is just flat out wrong. Pearl committed the act himself. O'Brien committed the act himself. Many of these coaches committed the acts they were fired for themselves. USC was found to be in such egregious error as an entity they got a wind up swing. No matter what the outcome of this, I refuse to link JT as the same. He did make a serious error though and time will tell if the price to pay is right.

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The last sentence from Ramzy's hilarious "Mr. Clean" article in today's 04/26/11 edition of "ELEVEN WARRIORS" is for all the Puritan 'Yes Voters' that just got off the Mayflower.

He said,

"You didn't suddenly become a liar when Tressel got caught.  You already were one."

Don't even try to say you never told a lie. In fact, you're not even aware that the bigger the liar, the more eager to cast the first stone. Ain't that the truth?





Go Bucks!

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The Senator is still a better man than you, I and everyone else. He has more than earned our support given what he has done for the school and community over the years. I mean, we don't abandon our friends when they need us the most during tough times, right? Sorry, I just refuse to cast the man out like a leper just for this one mistake he made, and to many, a minor one at that. If I could vote "No" twice, I would!

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

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Wow, the fact that this vote is so close on the #1 Buckeye site speaks volumes to me.  Voted no, but I'll understand if it happens.  Don't know who we're going to get in the mean time.  I was expecting at least another 5-6 years of Tressel.   You can just forget Urban Meyer, though...not gunna happen.