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What's the worst place to travel to for a bowl game?

Memphis, TN
3% (14 votes)
Boise, ID
34% (171 votes)
Detroit, MI
49% (251 votes)
Shreveport, LA
9% (46 votes)
Jacksonville, FL
2% (9 votes)
Fort Worth, TX
2% (9 votes)
2% (9 votes)
Total Votes: 509


Buckeye Black's picture

Beale Street in Memphis is actually really fun.  The Liberty Bowl isn't a great stadium but, the   Beale Street and the restaurants make up for it.

BED's picture

Having to look at that hideous blue field makes Boise worse than Detroit.

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Bucksfan's picture

I had some family that went down to see the Bearcats in the Papa Bowl in Birmingham, AL a couple years back.  From what they told me, it was a total sh*thole, the stadium is a wreck, the area is terrifying, and obviously there is nothing to do before or after the game.  My cousin didn't even stay the night and drove back afterwards.

So, my vote is "other."

Nik's picture

I lived in Birmingham for a summer, thought it was pretty nice actually.  I lived on the south side, in the Vestavia Hills/Hoover area, so it might be a bit different than living in the city itself.


I voted Detroit for obvious reasons.  Not sure how you can call yourself a buckeye fan and not say anywhere in that stupid state is the worst place ever, lol

blazers34's picture

detroit is shitty and all, but at least you can save some money by driving there.  to hell with boise and their ugly ass field

BucksfanXC's picture

Detroit gets a bum rap. Any city in the north during Dec-Jan isn't exactly a vacation destination, but Detroit still has lots of casinos, bars, food, public transporation all for very cheap. Also Canada is just across the river with lots of cheap bars, food, more casinos and such. I love the bars in Detroit.

I've never been to Boise but travelling to Idaho anytime sounds like a chore to me.

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tomcollins's picture

Detroit is only acceptable because you can be out of there in 2 hours.

Boise, screw that.

slovak71's picture

Detroit does suck, but Windsor makes it worth it.