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With the success of James Franklin's recruiting, are you concerned about "the rise of Penn State?"

21% (282 votes)
46% (608 votes)
Let's wait until the fall to see
33% (443 votes)
Total Votes: 1333


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Franklin and Penn State are apparently a great match, on many levels, but PSU will have a depth issue for another year or two. But even when they are back to full strength, it will be "Come to Ohio State, or lose to Ohio State!"

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Think it's 2015 or 2016 before they're "back" as well, but at this clip, they'll be on par with us in terms of recruiting, so I suspect some VERY hard fought games starting a few years from this one.

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Still have to play the games.  I hope they get better on the field and off the field since they've pretty much sucked recently and their University has been an embarrassment to the Conference.   They have a lot more catch up to do before I would get concerned.  They are more like a troublesome rash at the moment.  This rash will go away when Gray Boxes come... and they surely will come.

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I voted for let's wait until the fall, but I really think it'll be the 2015 season before we know if they're any good. 

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No. All it'll take is PSU to have a crap season or have a few losses but get smacked around by the big boys to settle them down. Penn State will be competing for B1G East titles (and subsequent B1G titles) down the road, this is a certainty. The program that needs to worry is Michigan State. They've had a nice run, but they don't exactly dominate the recruiting scene. Sure that can mean very little if you can develop players, but if other programs are stock piling top talent, then you need to at least have some in the cupboard. The B1G East will be very difficult,especially if Michigan figures out how to play football again and it'll be easy for a good team to end up 3rd/4th in the division, including OSU but more likely Michigan State. OSU is in good shape to have one of the top 2-3, if not the top class in the B1G come NSD and combining that with the talent already in Columbus and on its way from 2014 Class, depth of talent won't be a problem, where I can see it being a problem at MSU. 

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The program that needs to worry is Michigan State. They've had a nice run, but they don't exactly dominate the recruiting scene. Sure that can mean very little if you can develop players, but if other programs are stock piling top talent, then you need to at least have some in the cupboard. 

As someone who has been posting on rcmb for the last three years, this is the exact stuff msu fans criticize UM and OSU fans about. Spartan fans and coaching staff could give two shits about some stars and will continue to coach up the kids they have. We had a cupboard full of 4 and 5 star kids and MSU pretty much dominated OSU at the beginning and end of the game in Indy and came within one people, a missed Fg and a blown call of beating OSU again in 2012. Stockpile all the talent you want, it will mean nothing when you play on the field against a team that not only coaches their team up but rotates more than 50% of their roster to give them experience. All that talent OSU had and they still lost 34-24 when it mattered. Now tell me how important stars and full cupboards really are for the longevity of program when you have good coaching in place. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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The rise of Penn State is a good thing. The Big Ten needs more good teams. It's sucks to lose recruiting battles but at least the talent is staying in the conference.

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I don't think he's done anything yet .. Recruiting is one thing but winning games is another and to me James Franklin hasn't done that Vandy was and is still terrible regardless how you put it . So until he does something on the field I wouldn't worry about him

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With the new playoff, OSU needs Michigan/Penn State/Michigan State to remain at or close to elite program level statuses.  The most important thing is winning, but if you beat up on a patsy league schedule, it will do nothing in the way of getting you into the playoff.

Penn State is putting together talent that will be able to make some noise on the field, and this is good for OSU.  Would anyone take Franklin over Urban Meyer on the sidelines?  Would anyone say PSU's overall talent level is at or near that of OSU's?  I'd say the answer to both of those questions are resounding "No's" and until either of those change, I like OSU's chances in the B1G East.  But, improvement from PSU from a national perspective will do nothing but enhance OSU's SOS profile.

MSU has risen up.  PSU is on its way as far as recruiting titles go.  Now it is Michigan's turn.  Those three programs being looked upon nationally as elite programs, along with OSU, make for as good a conference division as you will see anywhere across the nation.

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We need the conference to be as strong as possible. Am I worried that Penn State could be a force to be reckoned with in the future with Franklin? Absolutely. I enjoy a good 63-14 every now and then but it's also fun to watch competitive football.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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hoke is bringing in top talent and look where ttun is.  Dantonio doesn't get the premier players and look what he has been doing.  It's not necessarily what you have, it's what you do with what you have.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Never be scared of someone else being good, just be concerned with being as good as we can be and the rest will work itself out.

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Agree with Oyster, need to see what Franklin does with the talent. Cooper had tons of talent but never really won the "big games" that cement a positive coaching legacy...if Franklin puts together a bunch of 10 win seasons but never competes for titles, will the Nit-Wits consider that a success? Way too early to tell obviously, but having as many competitive teams as possible in the B1G only helps the Buckeyes. Meyer & Co. are the better staff at this point, so I like our chances....

Go Bucks!

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Let's see how all this translates on the field.

We've seen other programs within the conference have some success recruiting, without putting it on the field *cough, M...igan sucks, cough*.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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The conference needs Penn State to be good.  So, I'm more excited than concerned.

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Penn States about 4 recruiting classes behind where we are. I'm excited he may turn PSU around for the conference, but lets see if he can coach as well as he can recruit.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I still struggle to understand how anyone can be a fan of that school let alone play for them. They are an embarrassment.

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Penn State is on the rebound with Franklin.  They went through such a nightmare and now there is a glimmer of hope, and so everyone is rushing to put the recent past behind them.  Franklin may do well or he may not, but rebound romances are like that.  We will see what happens this fall, and  more significantly over the next three or four years.  

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It all depends on the product that plays on Saturdays. If they win some big games this year, they'll keep the momentum. If they don't show up and lose their night games to us or any of the top tier teams, then you can kiss that threat goodbye for at least a few more years. They're still playing with D2 scholie numbers. That kinda depth is unforgiving.

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