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Where should OSU football be ranked to start the season?

5% (70 votes)
49% (695 votes)
40% (562 votes)
Outside the Top 10 (Explain in Comments)
6% (85 votes)
Total Votes: 1412


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7-10;  Which is giving UFM his coaching staff & the youngsters huge credit as we replace 4/5 of the Offensive Line and with the Defense we've played, or more accurately not played, the last two years.  

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8-10 seems right to me. We did lose last 2 games. A climb is more fun anyway. 

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I think #8 is just fine. Until our defense shows it can look like a defense and our offense demonstrates it can reload and not rebuild, then I don't think we are a top 5 team. It really doesn't matter where we are ranked, win all of the games and OSU is in the playoff. Lose, and we're out. 

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Not 1-3 because our O-line is new. Not 7-10 because I heard Braxton Miller is a pretty good quarterback. If Meyer knows what he is doing, he will have Miller touch the ball almost every play on offense.

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Totally agree with your comments on ranking - and not being a dick but as the QB I think it's safe to say Braxton will in fact touch the ball every play :)


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They are actually planning on doing a lot of direct snaps this year because of our running back depth

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7 to 10. I still need to see this defense play much better, and I think they will, they surely can not play any worse.

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7-10 as I agree with the above mentioned..replacing 4 of the 5 OL and the D must play better.  I will also add that I think the injection of youth will most likely show their inexperience from time to time.  Either way you look at it, this season can't get here soon enough!

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I say Top 10 on Braxton return, world-class coaching staff, and talent alone, but need to see it all put together on the field before a higher ranking can be obtained. 

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I remain supportive, but somewhat skeptical of our chances this year. The end of last season was such a disappointment. The MSU lost was not necessarily surprising  but, I definitely thought our coaches and staff would make the necessary adjustments for the bowl game. Losing to a good but, not great, Clemson team was a real bummer. We have not defeated a real quality opponent since Tressel's last game in the Sugar Bowl. I am adopting a wait and see position.

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I say in the 4-6 range.

On paper the D-backs are question marks but I believe Ash will have them playing much better. O-line looks problematic but remember they have a solid 3 of 5 former starters there. 

D-line will be filled with excellent as well as fresh bodies. Linebackers very much improved. Running backs will either find a go to guy or a committee of talent. Braxton will be practicing for months with more of those things he learns from another George Whitfield camp. Receivers look to be getting better too.

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I love my buckeyes...but, a new offensive line (probably with a center the rest have not played a down with), a defense that has yet to play a down with 2 new coaches and new scheme, no solidified backup qb( how many games would we have lost last year without kenny g), new kicker, new running back, and a starting qb that missed the spring (progressions? accuracy?).  Yes, they have the talent to overcome those questions, but top ten?  These are young/inexperienced players that will need to gell quickly (navy, V tech) to have a chance at making the first playoff.

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We lost a lot, and I don't think we have shown enough this spring. We have to replace the entire o-line except for Decker. It's going to be very difficult to have an o-line that will live up to the previous class, especially when a guy named Darryl Baldwin is penciled in as your starting RT. We don't have a reliable backup QB, and with Braxton we all know how important that is. We lost the best RB in the country. Our star DE is suspended for the first 2 games. Their is a new DC in town and players will have to adjust to new style of play. Losing two 1st round talents on the defensive side of the ball. 


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And for that simple fact I think the Buckeyes should be ranked 5th.


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One returning starter on the O-Line.  Loss of El Guapo.  Unproven wide receivers.  Unproven Defence. Two non-conference losses.  Another loss to MSU.  Another bowl game loss.  Probably not going to get you into the top ten

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I said 1-3 because you have the best player in college football playing QB.

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