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Indiana has one of the nation's worst rushing defenses. How many yards does El Guapo end up with on Senior Day?

2% (19 votes)
19% (235 votes)
46% (566 votes)
22% (273 votes)
251 or more
10% (128 votes)
Total Votes: 1221


TMac's picture

150 by halftime, and just short of 200 when he's done for the day in the middle of the 3rd qtr with the Bucks up B1G. 

ONE Not Done!

Seth4Bucks's picture

He could easily finish with 250+ yards, but I think he leaves the game with about 15 carriers for 160 & 2TDs with OSU up big. Meyer will be looking to get Hall some love on Senior Day and that'll take some carries from Hyde, assuming Hall's finally healthy again.
As long as we're up big, Meyer will be thinking ahead to UM and the B1G championship game. No reason to risk injury when The Game and what looks to be a tough physical B1G championship game are both around the corner.

IH8UOFM's picture

I went with 151-200. Not because I think he's incapable of more, but because I think this one gets outta hand early and they want to rest him for the upcoming 3 biggest games of his career.

Hovenaut's picture

Have him at 15 carries, 135 yards.

They'll want him to hit that 1,000 yard mark early, but between the pass attack and splitting touches with Brax, Jordan Hall and whoever else I don't see him blowing up/carrying the load himself today.

No sense in risking injury either....I say he's done by early third.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

BuckeyeFreak4844's picture

I think he goes the 151 to 200 range because of like other have said they score of the game but i feel he will average ten yards a carry or more.

Michigan Sucks!

Chise47's picture

101-150, he will be on the sidelines drinking Gatorade 2 mins into the 3rd.

buckeyedude's picture

If Meyer lets him play, El Guapo could easily get over 200 today. With it being so cold today though, I think Meyer pulls the starters in the 3rd Qtr if this one gets out of hand to keep them healthy for the next two games.



Bucksfan's picture

Hyde could go for over 300 today.  I don't think he will because I feel he'll come out of the game once he gets to 200.  The only thing stopping him is that we don't want to risk him being injured for the next 2 games.

northcampus's picture

300 passing for Miller today and 150 rushing for Hyde is probably a pretty safe bet.  I think OSU puts up 70 on the scoreboard today, regardless of how early the starters sit.

BuckeyeFreak4844's picture

Yeah when Guiton comes in and plays he will not be just sitting on the ball, i feel like he will let guiton showcase his talents for a while.

Michigan Sucks!

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I agree with most of the posters on here, 150-200. Easy 300 if coach lets him, but I too see the other backs getting a lot of PT in this one. Hope the D has a good day!


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Who is that 1% who voted 0-100 rushing yards? Fess up and we may not give you a swirlie! haha.

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Hopefully the bucks can build a comfortable lead and get Hyde out relatively early and give Wilson and Elliot a lot of reps.  Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller ... what an unbelievable one - two punch the bucks have on offense thanks in large part to a fantastic O-line.

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