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If the Buckeyes were able to steal one opposing B1G player for the rest of the season, who would you take?

Trey Burke
10% (175 votes)
Victor Oladipo
28% (502 votes)
Adreian Payne
10% (186 votes)
Cody Zeller
51% (918 votes)
1% (15 votes)
Total Votes: 1796


216ToThe614's picture

Trevor Mbakwe

Pick up your feet, turn your corners square! And DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!

BME_Buckeye's picture

Brandon Paul, Trevor Mbakwe, or Gary Harris

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TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

I put Payne, just because he's a big from Ohio, and seems like one that slipped through the cracks. Him as a senior on this team would fill a glaring deficiency. Although, I'm not sure how well he would have developed in this program, as I think he flourishes with a bigger big for a partner on the court (Nix). Cue dakich mentioning he's lost 60 lbs....
How are these Huber Hts kids making their way up 75 so routinely?


oregonianbuckeye's picture

The same guy that I would take if I were starting a team from any one college player in the country, Cody Zeller. Having a big that can run the floor, play defense, can score in the low post, and can pass like that is really special. Love watching Zeller play, and hope he leaves after this (remember, his brother stayed all four at unc). 

Smanpoint10's picture

his brother wasn't a top 5 prospect

Geraffi's picture

Oladipo for scoring and play making abilities. But can't argue with those who selected Zeller. 

Smanpoint10's picture

Zeller, but my other choice would be a knockdown three point shooter

Knarcisi's picture

Probably the least popular but I picked Payne. This team has been starving for an inside presence. While Payne can stretch the paint with his shot, he is a physical banger and a rebounder 1st. Thomas and Smith being our top 2 rebounders is problematic. Payne brings us physicality inside and something to both the defensive and offensive side of the ball. 

BucksfanXC's picture

Payne at the 5 for us would be like Tomas part 2. We'd have two guys that could go inside outside. Payne is 40% from 3 right now. The rebounds alone would be worth it. 

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Payne. A big man who plays tough and can shoot the rock? You could kill two frustrating birds with one stone!

He ain't even stretch doe!!

Conroy's picture

I think Oladipo is definitely the choice.  Pair him with Craft at guard and you have the best defense in the country bar none.  His slashing/passing ability combined with Thomas's shot would give us an elite offense as well.

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This perfectly describes what I was thinking.  The one nice thing about Zeller is that Thad knows how to use a skilled big man whcih would be nice.

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Triv's picture

If defense from our guards was this teams problem I would agree with you, but anybody watching OSU can tell that we are an elite big man away from being a final four, or even national title caliber team. Gotta be Zeller. Not to mention he runs the floor better than any big man in the country.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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This is the correct answer.

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Our primary weakness this year has been paint scoring, paint size, and paint defense. Looking at those, Zeller (or Mbakwe) are the only right answers.

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Oladipo is the best player, but I picked Zeller because having a competent big is the our biggest need. So Mbakwe or Zeller would be my picks. Payne is obviously really good as well but not necessarily the player I think would best fit in our offense.

Idaho Helga's picture

I didn't have to think for a second.   They're all talented but we need a guy like Zeller.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

None. I'd go back in time to steal 2006-07 Oden, or early 2010 season Sullinger.

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Yeah but that's so unrealistic.

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Payne. Big Body to bang down low that actually plays defense.  Ability to stretch the floor and convert dump off passes when Craft drives to the basket.  Also a 4 year player that went from being a shot blocker to an all around player.  Can't wait to see him featured on the Journey tonight.  

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I think Oladipo is the best player in the B1G, but I had to go with Zeller. Having someone who could score with their back to the basketball would be huge for this team. It would also open up DT for a lot better looks on offense.

LadyBuck's picture

I voted Payne, but you can't really go wrong with Zeller or Mbakwe. Like others have said, a big man is what we need. I personally like Payne's game, and like how he is versatile. However, having someone like Zeller would be amazing, too.