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Which of the former Buckeyes in the Super Bowl is your favorite?

Ted Ginn, Jr.
56% (897 votes)
Donte Whitner
35% (563 votes)
Larry Grant
3% (48 votes)
Alex Boone
6% (101 votes)
Total Votes: 1609


Poison nuts's picture

Love all the former Buckeyes out there not named Ray Small but I'm gonna have to go with Teddy Ginn here because, he was, you know.....AWESOME!

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

I could watch Ginn highlights all freaking day.  What's amazing to me is not just the speed, which was ridiculous, but his balance is as good as I have seen.   How many times did he take a bump or hit in the video and not crmble to the ground, but keep his feet moving, stabilixze and explode?   Reminds me of Braxton in that aspect with his ability to stop and start so easily.    

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

James Clark's stride reminds me of Ginn.

A heads up on the awful background music would have been nice, PN. :/

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No Ram Jam "Black Betty" fan? DISLIKE your dislike...and I didn't even downvote you because I disagree with you haha

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

It made my ears bleed.

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BuckeyeFreak4844's picture

I love Ginn but i voted Whitner because i love watching Defense and he was a great one!  Its nice to see Boone getting some love as well lol

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Teddy Ginn.  Dude just had another gear.  I miss watching him in S&G 

cplunk's picture

Whitner, Krenzel, Eddie George, and Katzenmoyer are probably my favorite all-time Buckeyes. Very excited Whitner can get a ring.
Love me some Teddy Ginn too.
Glad to see Boone turning things around and pleased for Grant, who is under-rated in my opinion.
Happy for all these guys.

BuddhaBuck's picture

I could watch TGII highlight reels on YouTube all day. Just sayin'.

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DaytonBuckeye4life's picture

Teddy Ginn  loved watching him take it to the house no pun intended

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I voted Boone, just because it's cool how he was finally able to deal with his alcoholism and become a fantastic NFL player.

Buckeye in Illini country's picture

I voted for him too.  The drastic change in his life over just a few years is pretty remarkable.
Also, I'm a fan of the big uglies in the trenches.
Teddy Ginn is pretty sweet as well.

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Pam's picture

Teddy G. One of the most exciting players I have ever seen. Loved the Ginn/Gonzo days.
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LouGroza's picture

Loved Ginn but watching Donte Whitner cover thirty yards across the field to make a tackle in the blink of an eye was just amazing. Hard to pick between the two. Whitner and Winfield were both two of the best I have ever witnessed in the defensive backfield at OSU.

osu07asu10's picture

ABBB...any buckeye but Boone.

I now have a list.

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I like football

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personal experiences, numerous, not worth divulging. If he has truly turned his life around good for him.

I now have a list.

yrro's picture

Yeah, pretty much every report I ever heard from anyone who interacted with him on campus was that he was kind of a dick. Still glad he managed to get his alcohol problems under control, though.

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Loved watching Teddy G run back those punts against MSU from the top of Spartan Stadium student section, wearing my S&G on a cold windy day.

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Ginn and Whitner are probably my two favorite Buckeyes but I had to go with Ginn by a nose here. There was a play against IL one year where Whitner hits a gear to make a tackle that I had to rewind several times because it just didn't look real but Ginn was just a once-in-a-generation weapon.

Shayla39's picture

I love Whitner and Ginn but Whitner's comments to Ray Small on twitter after Small was on Espin were classic.
Whitner is a loyal Buckeye!

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I voted for Ginn Jr. but I do appreciate the way Boone turned his life around and made something out of his self

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I'm actually surprised Ginn isn't in first with at least 80%.

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Boone because he figuratively got Sandusky'd by Bollman when he was here. Really glad to see him perform at a high level and I've always had a soft spot for linemen.

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Nuff said.

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"Ted Ginn Did Everythin'!"
But I love the fact that Boone has overcome his addictions to be so successful.

buckeye76BHop's picture

1. Tedd Ginn Jr for his play making abilities...but 2. Donte for his hard hitting and interceptions.  He was very underrated while at OSU IMO.

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ted ginn's highlight reel is just silly, but d wins championships and i like people hitting other people so i had to vote donte on this one. lay the wood this weekend buddy right in torrey smiths face... and by face i mean sternum area cuz youd get flagged for that.
cmon bucks

I like football

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Remember Whitner's nick-name coming out of high school:  "lights out".  Awesome!