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How would you fill out Ohio State's starting lineup?

Craft, Smith, Thompson, Thomas, Ravenel
14% (164 votes)
Craft, Smith, Thompson, Thomas, Williams
10% (123 votes)
Craft, Smith, Ross, Thomas, Ravenel
29% (344 votes)
Craft, Smith, Ross, Thomas, Williams
44% (525 votes)
4% (50 votes)
Total Votes: 1206


Triv's picture

I like the line up as is. Having points come off the bench (Ross) is very helpful, and Thompson is usually a lock down defender which is good to have starting. As for Ravenel v Williams, I think Ravenel is far more developed offensively and he should start for the time being

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

DMcDougal24's picture

Agree. I think moving Ross to the starting lineup would have a negative impact because we lose that spark off the bench. 

RBuck's picture

I also agree. Williams just looks lost out there most of the time. But, he'll get better.

Long live the southend.

BuckeyeBoyer85's picture

I three agree. I trust coach Matta and his 77.5% winning percentage.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

awwwwwwop's picture

I threeve agree.  I think this five should start but I think Ross should ideally be a first 5 player in the vein of a James Harden for the Thunder last year.  Comes off the bench, but is a top 5 player when you need it.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

Rural Meyer's picture

Craft needs to come off the bench, he couldn't even score of a break away steal from half court against NKU. Hes a junior and still looks like a high school player on offense, for every turnover he creates he makes an awful play on O. Scott looks like a whole new player this year and looks light years ahead of craft, the kid should at least split minutes with craft.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Might be a little harsh but Scott has moved it up a level this year.  His d isn't where Craft's is but he seems to have better handles and can actually pass the ball.  Not sure if he is 1/2 the leader Craft is tho.  Enjoying Scott's play thus far.  

LadyBuck's picture

I respectfully disagree with your opinion. I think Craft looks like a high schooler on ofense is because he has really never needed to play O in his college career. I think he'll get over that rather quickly, though. The reason why I don't think Scott should start is because of his in-game decisions. He, by far, makes more bone-headed choices, from simply trying to drive into a situation where he's among the trees and forces up a bad shot. In addition, I think Scott is an excellent player and is developing quite nicely, but he does not bring the overall energy to the team that Craft does when he's in the game. I rather we start with great energy than bring it off the bench.

Jhesse17's picture

Scott: 19.6 minutes, 6.0 points on 42% shooting, 6.7 AST/TO, 2.0 steals
Craft: 31.1 minutes, 11.0 points on 37.5 shooting, 3.2 AST/TO, 1.6 steals
Statistically Scott has been much more productive, so as much as I hate to say it but I think Craft needs to be coming off the bench in the future.

LadyBuck's picture

We also know that statistics never show the whole story.

Jhesse17's picture

That's certainly a fair point, but they usually are fairly accurate, and are much better than the "eye test"

Keith's picture

Scott gets some of his stats in garbage time.  Good example would be the 3 he hit yesterday vs LBS when Ohio State was up 30 and just going through the motions to finish the game.
Defensively there's really not a comparison at this point.  Steals don't account for quite a bit.  For example, Craft turned over LBS point guard twice in short span - one were he forced him to travel and another was a 5 second call.  Neither show up in the box for Craft.  This happens a lot, hidden things he does for which there is no tangible stat as evidence.
None of this is to say Craft has been excellent this year offensively.  He knows he has to score more and he started well (5-7 from deep) in the opener but he's now fighting shooting technique.  For me, he has to start.  He's the quarterback of the team, best on the ball defender in the country and a great leader.  

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

When I think of Craft being better offensively I don't think of it in a scoring capacity.  I think he has a ton of room to improve dishing the ball and his handles.  When Craft got into foul trouble Scott dished the ball well and appeared to be a better ball handler.  None of this matters until conference play or tougher games.  That's when I think Craft will separate himself.

sb97's picture

I dont care who starts...  I just want Ross, Williams, and Scott to get real minutes when they matter so they can develop.  Even if it costs us a game at some point. 

LadyBuck's picture

I like the starting line up as it is with Craft-Smith-Thompson-Deshaun-Rav. I think starting off strong offensively and with great energy and experience will pay dividends down the road. I do think that Ross, Scott, and Williams should all be part of our regular rotation. Hopefully they all gain Matta's trust now so they can play in tight games later.
I don't like Ross in the starting line up for 2 major reasons:

  1. He does not play D well enough to be there. End of story. Ross needs to be able to be serviceable (not good, not great, not phenomenal) on before Matta grants him a starting spot over Thompson, who is a proven, versatile defender.
  2. I like having points off the bench. I think having him as a spark-plug off the bench, much like Deshaun was in his freshman year, will also help this team down the stretch.
Jhesse17's picture

You've gotta give Williams the start. This team is in desperate need of a guy who makes you think twice before attacking the basket, and as much as I love ravanel he isn't that guy.

willshire58's picture

Craft, Scott, Ross, Thomas, Williams