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How worried are you about the Wolverine offense?

Not at all - Devin Gardner, meet John Simon.
21% (374 votes)
Only about the UM passing game.
8% (142 votes)
I'm wary about trick plays with Denard.
30% (536 votes)
Very - Gardner and Robinson are dangerous.
42% (750 votes)
Total Votes: 1802


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Denard is exactly the kind of RB that has given us trouble all year. Gardner is not great but is capable, and capable QBs have been completin a high percentage against our defense all year. Toss in the trick plays and misdirections that can be run with the Gardner-Denard combo and I'm worried they'll put up some big points.
The good news is that I am pretty certain we're going to be able to score on their defense. A lot.

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I rewatched last year's OSU-Mich game on youtube yesterday (skipping the last several minutes lol), and I was surprised to see that Michigan actually ran quite a few plays last year with Gardner at QB and DRob at RB/WR--those plays weren't very ineffective at all. DRob is GREAT at running the read option, but I found him to be surprisingly less effective at designed RB/WR plays.

To me he's more of a danger when there's a passing threat--which we'll find out quickly (in the Iowa game he couldn't even carry the ball in his right arm). Once we see that he can/can't throw the ball, we'll know how to react and hopefully it'll turn him into basically a Wildcat QB when he's in at QB (looking to run close to 100% of the time), or like any other fast RB/WR when he's at those positions. I'm not overly-worried personally.

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In the past two weeks they've shown that they can be dangerous. They are certainly more of a threat with Gardner at QB IMO... Overall - not too worried for whatever reason.

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I'm more worried now that Denard isn't at QB. His arm punts could always be counted on for extra posessions.

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They will need to score 30pts to have a chance. If we put up 50, which is very possible, we will be fine.

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I'm worried, because I always worry. Gardner completing like 66% of his passes is a huge step up from Denard's completion percentage.Though Denard has never thrown an INT against us (I was shocked when I read that earlier this week), Gardner doesn't throw passes as carelessly as Robinson did. I think with Denard at the helm we would have forced a few TO's this season. With Gardner, not as confident.
They basically upgraded their offense at both the QB and whatever position Robinson plays, so I think there's good reason to worry.

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im not taking anything away from the kid. he was a top notch recruit. but he hasnt played in a tough enviroment and the 3 teams he has started against have no pass rush and shoddy back 7s.

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Then there was the 5th choice that was left off the list:
Hoke looks at Meyer and says, "Get in mah belly!".

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Sure their offense will be a threat. It won't matter if Robinson or Gardner are taking the snaps, I am hoping our defense will be able to consistently stop them. 
After our Wisky game though, I am a little worried about OSU's ability to move the ball this weekend. 

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I went with "Very," but I really have no clue. One thing I've learned about this team is that anything that's ever happened in any other game has nothing to do with what will happen in the next game.

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iworried about those stupid jumpballs that roundtree somehow comes up with

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I would definitely rather play against gardner and detard than have to try and defend miller and hyde

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I went with the homeristic "Gardner meet  Simon." I just think that the atmosphere and preparation, not to mention the revenge factor, will play hugely to our favor. I don't think Urbz will let this team lose to scUM, and Herman will more than likely come out with a better scheme for this week.

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There is no way that scum is going to be able to run detard between the tackles...they will have to rely on the passing abilities of an inexperienced qb in an electrified ohio stadium...against @tbdtitl...led by urban f'ing meyer.

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I think we pull this game out bcuz we have the best head coach in the country! i do think its very possible that our team will struggle some on d. we've made mediocre qbs look like all americans. then again, i felt like osu came to play against nebraska. go bucks! miller go get your heisman!

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Devin Gardner is an above-average dual-threat quarterback with okay wheels who has looked good against the B1G's worst. Denard is a dynamic runner who hasn't played meaningful snaps at RB against a front seven worth its salt. Captain Armpunt is about to find out that there's a big difference between sneaking it to the outside after a zone read and juking out a couple 180-lb safeties and running downhill straight into the jaws of a 320lb Jonathan Hankins and a 245lb Zach Boren.

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I think the trick plays will be our down fall. To me, it seems Flounder will do anything to win and using the trick play is the shadiest.  The defense made Wisky's QB look good last week, I'm afraid of what Gerdner will do. I think we win, I just hope it's not close.

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I fear nothing in relation to Michiscum. My hatred for that $#ithole north of the Ohio state line won't allow it. I have no doubt in my mind that this team will win on Saturday. Devin Gardner meet John Simon, again and again and again and.........

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Watching the defense look lost and undiciplined most of the season Obviously causes concern regarding these two dual threat QB's. If you aren't worried then you are very optimistic and have forgotten/ignored our defensive struggles all year.


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Yeah alot of people on this forum tend to be such homers they never realize our flaws and another teams strengths. To say with a straight face that your not concerned about two very dynamic players like denard and gardner is just silly IMO. I think we will win, but givin the way this season has gone nothing will come easy. Its like some of you say the same thing every week (were gonna blow em out!) regardless of what our team has shown us all year lol. This is the most intense rivalry in all sports so to think were just gonna come out and manhandle them like they wont be up for the game is wishful thinking. I say we pull away in the 4th and win it 35-24.