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Who is your favorite Buckeye in the NBA?

Mike Conley Jr.
26% (263 votes)
Daequan Cook
1% (9 votes)
Kosta Koufos
1% (15 votes)
Byron Mullens
1% (11 votes)
Michael Redd
27% (273 votes)
Evan Turner
43% (433 votes)
Total Votes: 1004


Geraffi's picture

Chose Redd because he was my first favorite. But love me some Evan Turner. 
Get it on, 76ers!

Pam's picture

I went to see the 76ers play the Knicks Monday night. They got killed. I was really disappointed by the crowd. There were more Knicks fans than 76er fans.

Abe Froman's picture

Conley because he was such a pleasant surprise and absolutely owned the ball when he had it.  He also wasn't an emotional basket case like Turner.  Redd was a very close second.

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SEC BUCKEYE's picture

I love my buckeyes but none have really translated into great players. I voted for m redd because before the injury he was a borderline allstar in the league and he won a gold medal. He has had a good run in the league. I hope m conley and turner finish their careers well.

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J.Mo's picture

Where is Sullinger?

Bolt's picture

Uh...Jared Sullinger?

lcrumley89's picture

I went with Turner for the simple fact that he is the only player listed I ever saw play at OSU. But Conley is a close second

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DefendOhio's picture

I would have voted Sully had that been a choice. 

Buckeyejason's picture

Was Michael Blood but now it's Mike "can't full court press me" Conley by a landslide.


RedStorm45's picture

Who the hell voted for BJ Mullens?

Alhan's picture

I could ask the same thing about Koufos.

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Buckeyefan52's picture

Man I wish Oden could get healthy. He was my favorite buckeye basketball player.