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Ohio State is listed as a 19.5 point favorite. Who you got?

Ohio State -19.5
59% (582 votes)
Purdue +19.5
41% (411 votes)
Total Votes: 993


otrain2416's picture

OSU bounces back this week offense keeps rolling the defense gets fired up OSU wins by 21+

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

rdubs's picture

I love how a majority of fans still think we are going to blow them out after spending the last week complaining about how awful this team is and how much we need to clean house and start over.

buckeyestu's picture

3 point win over indiana and purdue may be better than indiana. kind of hard for me to see a huge win with the way the defense is playing. plus purdue seems to always play well against the good guys

joel121270's picture

I don't feel they'll cover, hope they do. This is at The Shoe so I think it's gonna have a different feel than at IU.

btalbert25's picture

Well neither is better than Nebraska and Ohio State won that one by a lot.

jthiel09's picture

We will score a lot .... but if the last few weeks have taught us anything .... so will the opposing team no matter who they are.
I'm optimistic that the defense will play good but our lack at depth for our LBs is hurting us tremendously right now.


btalbert25's picture

I wouldn't be shocked if they don't cover, but Nebraska didn't cover.  I get that that the D has underperformed and all that, but seems like people only think about IU and 49 points and not the asswhooping we put on the Huskers.  Sure they scored some points too, but they still got smoked that game.

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We'll win but not cover. 


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I'm expecting a very angry defense on Saturday.  I'm hoping it makes a difference.

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Kawann short can't catch braxton...Purdue got blown out twice at home by two better, but unproven teams.  Ohio State smells blood after letting the game slip away last year.  Purdue might score 3 or 4 times, but OSU scores 7 or 8 times.  OSU covers easily.
I think a lot of people on 11w are selling IU's offense short just because it's IU.  They're nothing to stick your nose up at.

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Scarlet & Gray all the way and the Bucks cover all day.
Go Bucks... +20

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"Maybe I could eat some hay down by the bay, I just may...what d'ya say?"

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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I picked OSU to cover in my fantasy pool although I don't think they will.  Covering has not been a strong point of the team although at this point I feel as if it would be bad luck to not choose them.

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(Also, I'm not a dude)

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How can anyone vote for Purdue ?

BED's picture

They're voting the spread, not the Purdon't win.

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I voted tOSU because I'm a huge homer and love my alma mater.  I think (mostly hope) Coach Meyer's attendance in defensive meetings this week provides motivation for the D to execute and play  much better.

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@bass- two thumbs up for homerism and alma mater love. I can't help but suffer from the same issues... cheers! ITS FRIDAY! whooooooweeeee


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Cheers! Drinking some Stone Levitation.

Go Bucks!

741's picture

If the team comes out and plays good (not even "great") football in all three phases of the game for four quarters then we cover easily. But, they really haven't done that yet... 

AJBor41's picture

I'll take your comment and raise you a quarter.  I think if they execute in 3 quarters, as they have done in multiple games (i.e. Nebraska), they'll cover this week.

BuckeyeNation's picture

I'm taken tOSU minus the points. No sense in changing up the routine now.

DCBuckeyeFille's picture

Purdue often plays us close, even when we had a solid defense.  I'm hoping we learned lessons from last week and last year, though.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

They play us close... in West Lafayette. Two years ago in Columbus (which according to ESPN never happened), we absolutely demolished them 49-0.

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DCBuckeyeFille's picture

Yeah, I remember that and was there.  My parents and grandparents are all Purdue grads, so its never an easy game for me.

Buckeyes125's picture

Oh. In that case, I still think Ohio State covers.

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Purdue can't convert on 3rd down. I don't think the defense will be nearly as bad as last week and OSU should cover.
Please let me be right!

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There is no way we are beating purdue by more than twenty, we really stink against spread offenses.  Maybe a 55-42 type of a score.

M Man's picture

Give the points.  I think this is an easy call.  We beat Purdue by 31 points in West Lafayette.  I'd expect much the same with you guys.  It will be a beatdown, and a breakout game for some of your guys.

xtremebuckeye's picture

@M Man  a beatdown & breakout game... I dont know about you sometimes, you have more faith in the Buckeyes than some of the Buckeye fans.... lol  

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Not sure about this. I can see us struggling against Purdue.  They aren't playing well, but I do think they have a much better defense than IU, and they both run a very similar offense. I guess it's a home game so maybe we will show up on defense this week.  I say we win by 17, but Vegas knows whats going to So they want to rope you into taking Purdue with the points after our struggles on D last week which means we cover.  Just a looney gambling theory.

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SouthBayBuckeye's picture

yes their defenseis better than IU's, but their offense is far far worse. 

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Aside from Short and Allen, the defense is an absolute mess. Remind you of anyone...?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Buckeye Nation amuses me so much. "We're so horrible! We never cover the spread! We'll beat Purdue by 20+ points! Rwar!"
As for the poll, I took the cover. No use in to being optimistic.