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Which skill player gives Braxton the most help this week?

Carlos Hyde
43% (554 votes)
Philly Brown
15% (194 votes)
Devin Smith
22% (289 votes)
Jake Stoneburner
15% (198 votes)
Rod Smith
4% (54 votes)
0% (5 votes)
Total Votes: 1294


GABuckeye's picture

Carlos Hyde - GIVE HIM THE ROCK!

RBuck's picture

Most likely it will be Hyde or Brown but I'd really like to see Stoneburner come alive.

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buck-I.8's picture

I think with Nebraska's weak secondary, combined with the amount of touches Philly Brown gets per game, he'll be able to get a little more room to run

chromedomebuck's picture

If TY Williams had been a choice, I would've gone with him instead

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NoVA Buckeye's picture

Didn't he get kicked off the team?

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BucksfanXC's picture

I didn't think we used Stoney as much as I thought we would under the new offense. I've seen very few TE passes. Maybe it's Braxton not checking them down? I don't know, I expected more though.

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Poison nuts's picture

I think Stoneburner has a big day...finally. Not as big as Hyde of course - -but big nonetheless.

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Earle's picture

I think Carlos earned some additional carries last week, and with Hall out, he'll be option #2 on offense this week.

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bassplayer7770's picture

I went with Hyde because I think he helps Braxton in a lot of ways.  First, he obviously carries the ball and usually makes Defenses respect the power running game.  Plus, he does a lot of blocking for Braxton in or near the backfield.
As for Stoney's production, I do wonder if Braxton isn't seeing the whole field very well right now, but Coach Meyer also said he hasn't been running the routes as fast as he wants.  I love it when Braxton spreads the ball around and hits several different receivers throughout the game.

wside buck's picture

He usually does block well for braxton but I remember one play he tried to go low on a smaller blitzing corner/safty and completely failed. Just flatten them big guy.

4dorr's picture

Bauserman FTW!


nickma71's picture

I don't think they can cover the OSU wideouts. This game will come down like the rest. How good are Braxton's throws under duress. If he is on, then the middle will be wide open for running.

toad1204's picture

Its time for Stoney to come out and reintroduce himself.  Lets see some of the screen plays for him they've been holding back on.  We all know he's talented enough to catch balls and there are plays just for him in the book besides TDs in the short yardage.  Let him shine so it opens up Smith/ Cheesesteak (if he doesnt like Philly I'll go with the next best thing) Brown. 

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buckeyechad's picture

I think Philly is due to break one or two of those short screens for a big play.

buckeyeEddie27's picture

I voted Philly too, breaks some tackles and gets some good yardage after the catch.  Go Bucks!

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highwire's picture

I voted for Smith, as he has been making a name of coming up with the big play for Braxton when he needs it since that fantastic Wisc. game last season.

Bucks43201's picture

I believe we get Stoney more involved this week. Seam routes.

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sb97's picture

I would love to see Hyde makes some noise running up the middle to take some of the heat off of Braxton.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

He is also a great blocker on the QB keepers...That plus him toting the rock....

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Mas El Guapo, Senor Meyer!