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Other than Michigan, what Big Ten football team do you dislike the most?

Michigan State
5% (111 votes)
Penn State
14% (309 votes)
2% (42 votes)
77% (1723 votes)
2% (53 votes)
Total Votes: 2238


yrro's picture

I don't know that my feelings toward any big ten team other than Michigan get as far as "dislike." I enjoy beating Wisconsin more than I enjoy beating any other non-Michigan team, but I dislike losing to Penn State most. I have a big respect for the type of football they have in Wisconsin, and I would probably love being a fan if I was a student there, and that makes it even more exciting to beat them. Whereas with Penn State, I was a huge fan of what the legend of Joe Pa stood for, but beating them just seemed like something we should do. Losing to them always made them one of the most annoying fanbases in football, though, so I hate that.
If we're talking basketball, though, then **** Purdue, and I love when we beat Michigan State.

Will in Arizona's picture

I'm voting for Wisconsin until Bielema is no longer there - just can't stand that guy.

Poison nuts's picture

After UM I think Wisky is OSUs biggest rival in the conference but if we were talking fan bases - that honor goes to PSU.

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BuckeyeVet's picture

Poison Nuts - You & I are in the same boat. UM 1st & foremost - fans & team . But the fan base I dislike the most are the arrogant, delusional PSU fans. The team I like to beat right now, though is Wiscky (after UM).

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Absolutely true. I despise Penn State fans more than any fan base in any sport ever invented, including that one where guys on horses hit goat heads with sticks.

Ahh Saturday's picture

Got no hate for anybody after michigan.  MSU and Wiscy fans can be annoying when their teams cycle through one of their brief periods of contention, but after they settle back in to their ruts of mediocrity they tend to be well-behaved.

thatlillefty's picture

Agreed... life is too short to really despise more than one rival. While I don't have an SEC-type love for our conference brethren, I like seeing other B1G teams play well.
My vote goes to PSU, but I respected them under Joe Pa and hope they bounce back sometime this decade.

faux_maestro's picture

West Lafayette, Indiana- the precise location of America's taint. That being said, I don't hate Purdue, just that we loose there. I have to go with Wisconsin since they think they are on our level but......well.....add in "deal with it" and they get my vote.

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Something about this question makes me feel like it is a trap...

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Easy Admiral Ackbar....

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I think Wisky probably is our next biggest rival in football, competitvely. But, I've had quite the bad taste in my mouth for Happy Valley after I traveled to a road game there in college. I never made it to Camp Randall and I'm sure its a hostile environment, but PSU fans were downright jerks.  I've been to Ann Arbor twice and the jaw flapping there was expected, it was actually fun. It's THE GAME, what else can you expect? Every PSU fan I got the "privilege" to talk to was nothing but a slack-jawed yockel and unfortuantely we lost while I was there, so the walk back to our vehicle was even more awesome. Traveling fan bases never get the red carpet treatment, but that place can rot in the hell Joe Pa created...if only I had the ammo today to throw back to all those "great" people in State College. Have fun in January for the next decade hillbillies!

buckeyebart's picture

Coach "B" is a di _  _ Thats Why we almost get them to the DHUN status

onetwentyeight's picture

WE ARE!!! 
No honestly, please remind me again. I mistakenly assumed we were playing UPenn's legendary football team. Which school are you again? 

pcon258's picture

hard to criticize people for obnoxious chants when we need only look at our "O-H" cheer. not knocking it, just saying its probably as obnoxious as the We are stuff

cplunk's picture

Nah, ours is endearing.

harp35's picture

Lately it's been Wisconsin and there cry baby coach , but the cult in happy valley has always annoyed me.

shadedred's picture

You mentioning the "cult in happy valley" really explains to me just how their fan base can be so delusional. It unfortunately also made me think of Bubble Boy. I bet every Penn State fan is named Todd or Lorraine.

dja.ohio's picture

There is only one rival. PSU has been wanting tOSU to be its conference rival since entering the conference in '93 and were met with chants of 'Big Ten, Big Ten' during the first drive of the 3rd quarter when Raymont Harris ran the ball down their throats. Wisconsin didn't start to be comptetive with tOSU until the early 80's. IF I had to choose a second rival, I would select MSU. Our series history with them isn't as long as other members of the B1G, but Sparty has usually played tough games against us, and risen up to grab a win when it stings most (ex. 1997).

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It's odd why I hate Wisconsin so much. Growing up they were Northwestern 2.0 and now I just like smearing their cheese eating grins into some nice green grass.
But I still hate Michigan more than the entire Big Ten put together.

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nickma71's picture

That giant walking douche in Madison...going for 2 against Indiana when curb stomping them because the numbers were right?

sir rickithda3rd's picture

wisky obv for me.... like nickma says bielema goes for 2 bcuz numbers are right but then gets butthurt when we "steal" a recruit. that girl (bielema) needs to go coach in  c-usa

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

On the field, Penn State. But after the "he's a p*ssy" chants, i'll go with MSU.

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AC1972's picture

It has to be Wisky.  Recent history is there, division rival, douchey coach.  However, this goes farther- horrible, classless fans,  and the team dancing on our logo after their wins in the Shoe. That just burns in me.
That team up north will always be my first, true hate, but I have a little hate affair with Wisky.
PSU has some douche-bag fans, but I have always respected the institution and the program. 

buckeyedude's picture

PSU has some douche-bag fans, but I have always respected the institution and the program.

Do you still respect the PSU institution and program? There was a scandal there recently.



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I chose Whiny Wisky...I have an eerie feeling that Wisky's jump around before the 4th quarter might not be as fun for them as usual.  If last nights win is any indication of what UFM and company are going to do if they get the chance, then it may be one of those blow outs that cry baby Bielema used to do to his opponents.  Should be interesting...I hope OSU just kills them...just like Nebraska but the Defense will not be scored on like they did.  Wisky's too one dimensional.  I can't wait for 11/17...

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Will in Arizona's picture

I really hope the Buckeyes will beat them by 30+, including a late touchdown by Kenny G.

buckeyedude's picture

I agree. Roderick got his. Now it's kenny's turn!