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Who will finish behind Braxton in scoring this season?

Jake Stoneburner (18 pts currently)
13% (126 votes)
Devin Smith (18)
42% (393 votes)
Drew Basil (18)
22% (209 votes)
Carlos Hyde (12)
9% (80 votes)
Jordan Hall (0)
14% (129 votes)
Total Votes: 937


thorvath22's picture

Every time Braxton scores 6...Drew Basil should score any field goal sightings that may occur.

bassplayer7770's picture

I went with Stoney because the jump pass is TEH AWESUMZ!!!  Also, I do think he will start seeing the ball more as the season progresses.
I almost went with Devin...

rdubs's picture

agreed, I don't think Stoney will rack up yards, but he has been the redzone go to for Braxton since last year.

Squirrel Master's picture

Basil should be up there behind Braxton but for some reason he is not getting the call and Urban is trusting his offense to go for it. I went with Devin because it seems like he is consistently a target where as Stoney gets targets in spurts. Both will get points this year. I also think Hall will be right there too. But Braxton gets most of the rushing TDs and Hall doesn't have that breakaway game to score big runs.

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hodge's picture

That'll all change once we get into the B1G season.  We'll be facing better defenses then, and Urban won't have the luxury of going for it as much as he has been.  I think that part of the reason he's been doing it (and I think he's mentioned as such) is because he wants the team to understand that a fourth-and-one is always  convert-able, and that he will not accept failure.  Alas, tighter games against tougher opponents will lead to basil scoring more and more.  I'd almost bet $100 that Basil is at least number two in scoring by the end of the season.

RBuck's picture

I went with Jake "all I do is catch TD passes" Stoneburner.

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painterlad's picture

I went with Stoneburner as well. Smith will move the chains but Stoneburner is too much to handle in the red zone.

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Nick's picture

Stoneburner disappeared after the MAC schools last year kinda expect the same thing. 

Buckeyejason's picture

I agree. I thought this "new role" would have him catching 5-7 balls a game, instead it's the quiet 2 a game or so. The guy does catch td's though! Just seems like you forget about him 90% of the game because he isn't thrown to or catching passes much.