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How many carries does Braxton have on Saturday?

2% (16 votes)
27% (276 votes)
61% (630 votes)
11% (116 votes)
Total Votes: 1038


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If he gets less than 10 it'll be because he went down with an injury. I'm going with 15-20 and hope to God that he doesn't carry it more than that.

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Did I vote 20+? Yes. Do I want to see him carry the ball that many times? Yes and No. It'll be fun as F to watch, but I also know the physical toll that will have on his body. Hand it off to the backs and let Boren and Dunn get beat up and save yourself for TTUN Brax.

-The Aristocrats!

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This is my breakout based on average # of total rushing plays in first two games (52/game):









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Later into the season, when all the running backs are on point and he's mastered his option and zone reads, we may well see Miller running the ball ~15 times.  Odds are he's going to be more aware of his carries Saturday (after his Herculean effort last weeek), but he's still going to carry at least 15-20 times, maybe more.
Bottom line is that the kid's a winner.  He knows that he's OSU's best option to score whenever he's holding the ball, and that influences a lot of his reads (thinking that he can make two guys miss instead of pitching it to an RB with one guy on him, scrambling out of the pocket, etc.).  This is a Godsend at the moment; with the team trying to fully implement Meyer's Spread (with imperfect personnel), Miller possesses the ability to bail everyone out.  Just like how he carried an 8th seed Huber Heights Wayne team to the state championship  game (and a near win over national-top-ten Lakewood St. Edward), he's used to putting the team on his back.  
It's going to take a lot more than one game to get him to break said habit--especially since Meyer's offense gives him a greater chance to succeed on an individual level.  Just like how it took Pryor an entire season to learn how to glide out of bounds instead of fighting for paltry yards, this will be an exciting--if not nerve-wracking--progression to witness.

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I'm picking 20+ but only 12-15 will be designed runs.

Long live the southend.

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Brax shall tote the rock