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How do you feel about Ohio State's performance against UCF?

I feel good about the Buckeyes
2% (17 votes)
Solid, but room for improvement
24% (262 votes)
19% (205 votes)
Still have a lot to work on
54% (581 votes)
Too drunk to think about which choice I am selecting
2% (19 votes)
Total Votes: 1084


buckeyedude's picture

Better than Game #1, but secondary looked weak. Still wish we could get more pass rush. Glad to see TD pass down field to Stoneburner. Need more of that.



rdubs's picture

Team is too schizophrenic, really good when good, but bad when not.  We better hope getting Hall back takes some of the heat off of Miller and Miller has to start making some better reads on those read options.

Buckeyejason's picture

A wins a win.


HighBallAce's picture

This is NOT our usual defense..

buck-I.8's picture

I didn't know that the spread involved NEVER throwing downfield. If I wanted that, I'd watch the Browns

Buckeyejason's picture

That shit was driving me nuts! We have two former state track champions at wide recover and we hardly ever try to get them downfield.


NoVA Buckeye's picture

One more day!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

beserkr29's picture

I thought the offensive vame plan was good.  Obviously, lots and lots of work needs to be done.  The OL is inconsistent at best.  The D looked very, very soft.  The most obvious weakness in the way the coaches are playing D is the short passing game.  The quick slant is open every single time.  Every.  single.  time.  Braxton looked good throwing short, but my goodness, his footwork is putrid on anything over 10 yards down field.  That's correctable, but may have to wait til the offseason.  And our secondary just looks lost.  Completely lost.  DL is far from dominant, though two great players were out this week.  Good enough for the W, still a pretty ugly game, though.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

UCF played a great game defensively, you can't take away how well they played against the pass. I think there are some trust issues between Miller and the WRs, but there's still time to amend the mistakes.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

Nick's picture

I think solid wins with a lot of things to work can be very good especially for these young players. Won't let them think they are better than they are and give the staff a lot to work with. As long as they are improving each week and winning can't ask much more than that especially year 1. 

DetroitBuckeye's picture

I have decided to stop drinking during osu games so that when someone asks me how they looked I can give them a coherent answer.