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What's Michigan's record this year?

11+ wins
5% (49 votes)
9-10 wins
59% (616 votes)
7-8 wins
32% (334 votes)
6 or fewer wins
5% (48 votes)
Total Votes: 1047


Buckeyejason's picture

9-3. Losses to Alabama, Michigan State, tOSU.


Alhan's picture

Sounds about right.

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GoBucksOSU's picture

I predict 7-5, losing to Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan State, and either Nebraska or Iowa.

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

I think 7 to 8 wins max. They don't have the same cushy home schedule as last year, and they can't possibly get all the jump balls to fall their way again.

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yrro's picture

At the same time, I think they're going to be a better football team. They've brought in the recruits for it.
I do think that last year's schedule was a Denny's Grand Slam from heaven dropping into Hoke's lap, but I think they'll pull out 9 wins (one lucky win against a decent team, one loss against a mediocre team, and back to easily beating the nobodies).

Phoenix824's picture

Debated 8-4 or 9-3 in regular season.    I voted 8-4 just because they are meatchicken and still suck.   I did not count a bowl game.    I would vote 9 wins if you count a bowl game.   If they are 9-3 and go to bowl they lose.     8-4 and go bowling they win that game since they would play in a lower tier bowl against a crap oppoent.   

Squirrel Master's picture

10-2. I think UM will surprise a depleted Bama defense and pull out a tight win. I think the 2 loses will be OSU and a team that will surprise UM. ND or MSU. Nebraska as well. I am shooting high though. Wouldn't surprise me if they go 7-5. Tough schedule this year!

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painterlad's picture

Um, Alabama's offensive line will open holes big enough for Brady Hoke to waddle through while holding an extra large deep dish pizza in each hand. (That phenomenon in astral physics is known as an Event Horizon.) The Other Michigan State will lose to 'bama, MSU, Northwestern and of course The Ohio State University.

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M Man's picture

Losses to Alabama in Dallas, Nebraska in Lincoln and Ohio State in Columbus. 
The loss to Alabama is due to overwhelming superior firepower.
The loss to Nebraska is the fungible annual Big Ten loss to somebody; it could be Iowa (probably not, back in the Big House) or it could be Sparty (better not be, also in the big House).  I'd much rather lose to Purdue by six touchdowns and best Sparty in six overtimes.
The loss to Ohio State in Columbus is more predictable.  In Ohio Stadium (we call it "Ohio Stadium"); the OSU virtual bowl game; and I am not so sure that Denard Robinson will still be standing by Week 12.  By the way, we've switched number-two QB Devin (former 5-star) Gardner to WR, and if Denard goes down, this season turns into some massive weirdness.
8-4 would not surprise me.  10-2 or better would mean lots of fun.  If we lost our first and last regular season games, and won everything in between, that would mean some good times for 10 weeks*.  You guys don't have to live with MSU and ND like we do.
*And a December game in Indianapolis, in all liklihood.

Buckeyejason's picture

Good call M-Man. Didn't know that about Gardiner.


Squirrel Master's picture

Sorry Painter, I believe UM has a chance against Bama. I am not saying Bama will get beat down. I just think they will get caught off guard with Denard and it will be a scoring fest. That type of game plays into the hands of UM. Again, it might not happen. But I think there is a good chance it could. 
I actually am more confident in OSU beating them in the shoe. Urban will be better prepared to play a high scoring game. Not by much.
Bama lost a lot of starters and Trent Richardson. It takes a few games to get acclimated. Bama has to play UM and Texas practically back to back. For once, I actually think Bama has a really tough schedule. Replacing a lot of stars on D and then facing Denard right off the bat. That is tough!

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johnblairgobucks's picture

agree with your comments 100%

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I think UM has a chance against Bama.
Bama will be physical and will be able to run the ball at will for the most part.
Bama's defense will take away the middle of the field, both running and passing, but may be tested on the edges.
With that, I think UM still would need a couple of turnovers or big special teams plays to win.

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