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Where does Beanie rank among Ohio State's all-time best running backs?

Top 3
10% (143 votes)
Top 6
50% (694 votes)
Top 10
34% (476 votes)
Outside Top 10
6% (86 votes)
Total Votes: 1399


Buckeyejason's picture

Archie, Byers, George, Beanie?


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Harley is still #1. GO BUCKSS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Tim's picture

Archie, Byars, George, Cassady, Harley, then maybe Pete Johnson, Beanie, Spencer...  I'd say top 10 for Beanie, maybe top 6.

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There are too many to say top 3, especially without a Heisman for Beanie.

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Yeah, it's hard to put him in the top 3. Perhaps if he had stayed his senior season. 

The North remembers.

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Did he win a heisman? No so there goes top 5, then I would bring up Byers, Clarett, Smith,Spencer, Harris. Beanie was forever pulling himself out of the game after every run. Other
then Lsu run my main memory is him standing up after a run and motioning to sideline and going off field.

Buckeyejason's picture

I don't care how good Clarrett was the guy played ONE season!!! He's not in the top 10!


harp35's picture

Does OSU have a nat championship without him..... No, so I put him in mine. Count Oden in basketball.

Buckeyejason's picture

We're talking top RB's overall..what they did through their CAREERS. Not one season. Natty title or not I don't think he should be there but if you think so good for you.


William's picture

Archie, Eddie, Harley, Byars, Johnson, Cassady, and Wells are my top seven.

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Rushing Yards – Career Att. ..... Av/Att ..Gm ...Av/Gm ...TD ...... Year
1. 5,589 Archie Griffi n 924 ............6.0 ....46 ......121.5 ....26 . 1972-75
2. 3,768 Eddie George 683 ............5.5 ....48 ........78.5 ....44 . 1992-95
3. 3,553 Tim Spencer 644 ............5.5 ....47 ........75.6 ....36 . 1979-82
4. 3,382 Chris Wells 585 ............5.8 ....36 ........93.9 ....30 . 2006-08
5. 3,200 Keith Byars 619 ............5.2 ....37 ........86.5 ....46 . 1982-85
6. 3,076 Pepe Pearson 659 ............4.7 ....49 ........62.8 ....32 . 1994-97
7. 2,999 Carlos Snow 610 ............4.9 ....42 ........71.4 ....30 . 1987-89, ’91
8. 2,951 Michael Wiley 509 ............5.8 ....47 ........62.8 ....27 . 1996-99
9. 2,945 Antonio Pittman 557 ............5.3 ....35 ........84.1 ....22 . 2004-06
10. 2,649 Raymont Harris 574 ............4.6 ....43 ........61.6 ....27 . 1990-93

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Not fair.  Beanie played more games, and more games against weaker competition, than guys in previous eras.  As you can see by your top-10, names like Horvath, Cassady, and Harley aren't on your list mostly for that very reason.
That said, I do think Wells is probably top-6, but at the very back end.  Griffin, George, Harley, Cassady, Horvath, then Beanie.  

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Wells played in 36 games, the least amount of games on that list. So his totals aren't skewed.
He has the second highest YPC and the second highest YPG, which can't be skewed by totals anyway since it's an average.

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Bucksfan's picture

No, that wasn't my point.  My point was that 1/5 of those games were against Northern Illinois, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Youngstown State (twice), Akron, and Kent State.  What are his stats when those games are removed?  Plus, you have to remove a Big Ten game or two while you're at it, since now everyone plays one more of those compared with the 1950s and earlier.
All I meant was that stats today are substantially inflated because of expanded schedules (and the play clock, while we're at are effectively longer now because of more plays and stopped clocks).

OSUBias's picture

I'll give you the play clock and expanded schedule thing. But teams also pass a lot more now than they did in 1920, meaning less opportunity for runners in todays world.
And you can't discount Wells stats for bad competition. Harley played Ohio Wesleyan and Oberlin (128-0 victory) and Case (before it was even Case Western!). Not exactly murderers row. Horvath played a game against Great Lakes Navy in the one year I looked up quickly. Cassady had a tougher lineup, at least in 1954, but it's not like Beanie was the only guy with some cupcakes .

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love to see the case props here!
Case didn't become CWRU until 1967 though so really there are still far more years as CIT than CWRU.
And don't discount Case, we've had a dominating football team for the last few years!

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Touche, OSUbias!

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ypc is about the best comparison there is imo

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Beanie was in my top 6...I agree with you on Clarrett Jason.  He was important for that one year...but that was it.

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If Pepe Pearson is number six on the list, I discount it immediatly.
Beanie would have been higher on my list if he would have played through some injuries. I put most of the blame on him for the USC losses as he watched from the sideline.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

Buckeyejason's picture

USC losses? He wasn't here for the loss in 2009. It's really hard to blame a guy if hes injured no? I mean Tressel is the one who kept him out.


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No love for Pepe?

Get your shine box, Gumar.

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Does Mo Clarrett even make the top 50?

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Buckeyejason's picture

For talent alone he's top 5-10..and maybe top 5 best seasons..but that's about it.


BuckeyeSki's picture

I def. meant Mo Wells not Mo Clarrett
Joke Fail

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Eddie, Archie, Beanie would be my RB Depth Chart-in that order-if I'm making an all time team. For what its worth, since OSU Football spans SO many eras of college football, you guys can have your small dudes from the early era of football. I'll go with big (Eddie) fast (Archie) and Big and Fast (Beanie) if I'm putting together an all time.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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FWIW- I loved me some Mike Wiley.  Coop didn't give him the ball enough his junior and senior year.  Coop let Joe Germaine call too many audibles into pass plays, instead of running the ball. Wiley was explosive. 
Wiley would have filled that elusive P*** Harv** Role (if we must reference this role in the future, can we simply call it the PHR?)in Urban Meyer's offense  better than any RB OSU has had in the past 25 years.
To the poll- Griffin, Byars, George, Harley, Clarett and Wiley.    I'd rank  Beannie #7.

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I voted top 10 but he is close to top 6, like someone else said I wish he played throgh some injuries becuase he lost some valuable time. If he didn't miss sometime he could easily be top 5. But he might already be in there as it is. Also like some said its hard to compare against guys from the 40's and 50's because football was totally different then.

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Ironic that there are 28 29

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Top 10 but I can't seem to get him in the top 6. Archie, George, Cassidy, Byers, Harley and Robert Smith. He wasn't around long but he was awesome. 

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I remember being at the OSU game in Michigan Stadium with an old college friend, who worked in New York City with somebody from Ohio.  He gets a text message from the guy who was watching on tv:  "U can't stop Beanie."  Sadly, he was right.
Beanie rates really, really high with me.  For the games I saw, I think Beanie was scarier to face than Eddie George.  Maybe Beanie was part of a better-balanced offense.