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With Sullinger being red flagged, where will he be selected in the NBA draft?

First round (1-15)
23% (161 votes)
First round (15-30)
54% (377 votes)
Second round (30-45)
16% (115 votes)
Second round (45-60)
3% (20 votes)
3% (24 votes)
Total Votes: 697


tennbuckeye19's picture

I don't see how he would go undrafted. I still think he will go in the first round. Even before this 'red flag' business, I felt like he could slide to the 15-20 range. But we all know it only takes one coach or GM to fall in love with a player and throw caution to the wind and select them. I am a big Sully fan, but I have my doubts about how he will do in the pros. Time will tell.