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What jersey will you look to buy before the season?

#5 (Braxton Miller)
26% (169 votes)
#8 (Noah Spence)
11% (70 votes)
#25 (Bri'onte Dunn/Bradley Roby)
3% (22 votes)
#52 (Jon Hankins)
5% (29 votes)
#10 (Ryan Shazier)
40% (255 votes)
other (let us know in comments)
15% (94 votes)
Total Votes: 639


Doc's picture

I only buy Archie jerseys.  I know he won't embarrass the University rendering my jersey useless.  But a Ryan Damn Shazier #10 would be cool.

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45buckshot's picture

don't get mad, i wear #45 for the Big Kat as well. 
my favorite video... ;)
"nobody in college football hits like that" 

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Buckeyefan52's picture

I already have #10 from when Troy Smith was there. I would probably get a Braxton one because he's my fav player and will be there 2/3 more years.

bassplayer7770's picture

I admit I've been too cheap to buy a jersey, but it might be kinda cool to get a personalized jersey made with my grad year and last name.  If I were to get a player's jersey, Miller and Shazier would both be cool.

RBuck's picture

None. Old dudes just don't look right in a jersey.

Long live the southend.

Seabass1974's picture

I always spend the extra money and have my own name put on it. Then it never goes out of style.

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RedStorm45's picture

-Other: Not buying one this year.
Noah Spence is an option over John Simon, CJ Barnett, Christian Bryant, Jordan Hall, Carlos Hyde, Jake Stoneburner, Devin Smith, etc....come on.

southbymidwest's picture

I agree- no John Simon option? Or is that because he only has one more year (sigh), and given the cost of jerseys, most people would like a jersey to have a couple of years of relevancy?

45buckshot's picture

+1 i was looking for Simon as well

he is Tebowish, after all ;)

Veni, vidi, vici


pcon258's picture

yea i would buy a braxton jersey because he should be here for another couple of years, and its nice to have your jersey still relevant

DefendOhio's picture

Yeah it's kind of creepy wearing a jersey of an 18-19 year old. I stick to the classics like Archie, Eddie, and even Troy. 

kr66osu's picture

I already got myself a #5, so I'm set for a few years.

TheBadOwl's picture

I already have a Hawk and a Stoneburner/Gonzalez jersey, so I'll probably end up getting whatever pro combat we have this year, or wait for last year's to go on sale.

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William's picture

Voted Ryan Shazier, but I hate football jerseys, they're baggy and it feels like you're wearing a dress.

BuiltfortheNuthouse's picture

I have a Ryan shazier pro combat and an  8 from devier just need a braxton miller jersy

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-woody Hayes 

bukyze's picture

I've got Hawk, Spielman, and Beanie.  Would probably add Simon.  I think this old dude looks pretty fucking good wearing a Buckeye jersey.

buckeyechad's picture

Don't let these jersey haters get you down my man!

Bingocat's picture

#54.....John Simon !

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Still got my old Pepe Pearson #29 jersey.... Champion brand.... mint condition.. word.

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ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

The last time I bought a jersey, I bought a #70.  Yes, 70.  I get asked "who the hell wears that number?"  I say it's because OSU was established in 1870.  I would buy 25 to kill two birds with one stone. 

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