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Assuming Sully and Thomas leave, can the Bucks win the Big Ten title next year?

38% (410 votes)
38% (415 votes)
What does this have to do with football?
24% (260 votes)
Total Votes: 1085


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I voted yes. Don't forget Thad's record and his recruiting. Indiana and meatchicken may challenge, but the Bucks have the talent.

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I voted yes for once reason.... Thad Matta..... you give the guy an offseason and he can really develop your talent, ala ET.

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Regular season or B1G tourney? I think it's more likely for them to win the B1G tourney just from watching his clubs and guessing how long it will take for this crop of kids to gel and improve.

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Hate to be Negative Ned...but I see a rebuilding year for the Buckeye b-ballers. Don't know what the freshmen class coming in, looks like. Maybe they can help.

Having said that, Matta is a good coach, and sometimes good things happen when when expectations are low.



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Terwilliger have any little brothers?  That's what this team was missing....

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Voted yes, not because I have such high expectations for the team, but because most every other B1G school that finished in the top half of the standings is losing quite a bit of talent/ key contributors as well.  MSU- Draymond Green, Austin Thornton, Brandon Wood.  Wiscy- Jordan Taylor, Rob Wilson.  Purdue- Robbie Hummel, Ryne Smith, Lewis Jackson.  TTUN- Stu Douglass, Zack Novak, Evan Smotrycz (Transfer).  Indiana probably loses the least in Verdale Jones and Tom Pritchard.

You also have to take into consideration any possible early entries to the NBA draft.  What's the latest on Trey Burke?  Last I heard he was strongly considering it.  Maybe Tim Hardaway Jr.?  Any chance Cody Zeller would leave?  I doubt it, especially since both of his older brothers finished out their respective careers, but you never know.  

Not sure what these schools' recruiting classes look like.  I know ours is nonexistent.  So in short, yes we can win the B1G, but I certainly don't expect to.  I think Indiana would have to be the favorite at this point in time?

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I am a little worried considering we don't have any basketball commits this season. I know we are in on Tony Parker but so is every other big time basketball program.

It's good to be home.

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I voted no. Leaving aside that we'd be back to the days of the ultra-thin bench circa 2008, you'd be talking about a team whose leading returning proven scorer would be Lenzelle Smith Jr. That doesn't mean no one else could develop--Ross seems like a good possibility to do that--but imagining Ross, Williams, and Thompson coming together as the front court of a B1G champion just one season after neither of them contributed any offense at all is a lot to expect.

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I hope I'm wrong, but I voted no. Where is the scoring gonna come from? I keep looking at what will be left and I'm not saying they can't develop into a good squad, but next year? I just don't see it.

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Yes. Craft should be good for 10 points a game next year and Smith showed he can put in 15 points a game and hit big shots like he did during the tournament. Not to mention we had more talent on the bench this past season than most big ten teams started so I'm not worried. Not expecting to run away with it, though.

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W/O one of those two, I can't see how.

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They CAN win it obviously but I voted no because It's not very likely. The big10 should be the top/one of the top conferences for the next few years.

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Craft, Smith Jr., Williams and Thompson. Just need to find a fifth man and we are set for a nother good run.

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I think people really forget how good Matta is at developing talent, qross, amir, shannon and thompson could all be really good next year, not too mention smith jr, craft and even a guy like sibert and weatherspoon were only somphmores this year, they will get better too.  Ravenel could definitely come into the leader role as the senior even if its off the bench again.  This team has talent and Matta can turn that talent into a winner.

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YES! Remember we have a ton of talent with 1 year of experience and matta will develope their talent to scoring threats add in one player from recruiting we will be great!

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... Just work on shooting all off-season.  

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The question was "can they win?" not "will they win?"  Voted yes, because there is always a possibility that they can win it with Matta at the helm with the talent they have in house.  Whether or not they will win is another question all together. 

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I dunno, Indiana is gonna be pretty damn good.  Think amir can stop zeller?

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Think Zeller stays?


Of course they CAN.  It's not likely, but no one thought MSU or UM had a chance this year.  Anything can happen with eligibility, injuries, recruiting, transfers, etc.

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based on his brothers I think he will, but of course he is good enough to leave if he wants.


when do the underclassmen have to declare by anyway?  any word on when sully and deshaun might announce?

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April 10th.  They have until the end of April to come back (meaning they don't hire an agent and then change their mind).