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Is Kentucky beatable?

80% (890 votes)
20% (225 votes)
Total Votes: 1115



Yes. See: @Indiana and Vanderbilt

Difficult but not impossible

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Exactly. Any team that has losses is beatable, especially since Kentucky's last loss occurred very late in the year at a neutral site. Also, Kentucky hasn't faced the type of perimeter defenders that we have, yet in the tourney.

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Any team PERIOD is beatable. See: 2002 Miami hurricanes. They were as close to an "unbeatable" college team I've ever seen and they were beatable.

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And even if those Cowboys Wildcats are better than you guys, even if they beat you 99 times out of 100, that still leaves...

one time.

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Inspirational.  It makes me want to do some work today.

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I think it'd be VERY fitting that OSU could potentially have to beat Syracuse (already done and #2 team at the end of the regular season), Kansas (revenge for the Sullyless loss), and UK (revenge for last year and #1 team at the end of the regular season).

The bucks have a great chance to take care of some unfinished business and they probably will have to do it (barring a UL W) if they want that NC. At this point, any team left will be tough outs so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.

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I didn't think Calapari's Umass was beatable but they proved me wrong. They had a very similar player to Davis on that team in Marcus Camby.

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Absolutely they are beatable. After watching the Indiana game, I'm more convinced. They haven't seen a defense as good as ours. And while this team is talented, crapilari has lost with much better teams. I hope pitino eats his lunch

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i think theyre a spectacular team, definitely the best in terms of pure talent, in the tournament. That said, that could have been said of osu last year, and we still lost. If there is the right combination of good game from our guys, average game from them, this thing could go either way.

also, we have to believe theyre beatable, or else theres no point in even playing kansas

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They're the best team in the country, but people look at them as a superteam because of their gaudy record, which is mostly a function of their schedule. Had they played a B1G, Big 12, or Big East schedule, they would certainly have more than the two losses. The two teams that have beaten them are inferior to all three teams remaining in the tournament. And the gap between Kentucky 2012 and OSU 2012 is less than the one between OSU 2011 and Kentucky 2011, and we all remember what happened there.

I've felt all along that Kentucky could be uniquely vulnerable if pressured down the stretch in one of these games, given their youth and the relative lack of serious challenges they have faced during the season. I wouldn't bet on them to lose, but weirder things have happened in the tournament--a lot weirder.

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When can we start the KY over-rated chants?


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With 0.01 left on the clock Monday night and we're up by 10.

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no, no, no! that's when we do S-E-C chants!

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Indiana dropped 90 points on them with relative ease. The Hoosiers pretty much scored seemingly at will. Kentucky won that game because they hit an absurd percentage of their free throws. In spite of the disparity in the number of free throw attempts, if UK would have only shot their season percentage, it would have been a tie game with three minutes to go. They are very beatable.

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Just double checked my math. Roughly speaking, if Kentucky shoots their season average from the free throw line, it's 78-77 UK with 4:50 remaining, and 81-79 UK with 2:50 remaining. That changes the whole dynamic of the game. Kentucky hit their free throws, and for that I'll give them credit. But Indiana was scoring with relative ease. Another thing, IU was shooting 43% from beyond the arc for the year. If they're hitting that number, and Kentucky is only shooting their average from the free throw line, IU is up 85-81 with 2:50 remaining. Credit UK for good defense, but IU was moving the ball well and did get a decent amount fo open looks from beyond the arc. I think the moral of the story is, that game was a lot closer than it looked, and Kentucky is indeed very beatable.

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UNBEATABLE, anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

I will contune to say it because it seems to be helping the cause.

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the ish 11w readers do...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Absolutely. They are overhyped, especially their defense.

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YES, see: 1961 OSU B-ball team, 1979 Indiana State, 1991 UNLV lost to Duke in the Championship game, 2002 Miami Hurricanes football team, 2007 New England Patriots, etc.

All of those teams were perfect until the Championship game and lost.

This team has been defeated twice so they most certainly can be defeated.

It's not going to be easy but it can most certainly be done. 

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As a person that was raised a Buckeye and graduating a Wildcat, I have watched both teams pretty closely all year.  I feel that this is Calipari's deepest and most talented team he's had at UK. The 2009-2010 squad was good with Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Miller, and Patterson, but they rarely cracked the bench that season.  Whereas this year Calipari runs a very balanced 6-7 man rotation with Teague, Doron Lamb, Kidd-Gilchrist/Miller, Jones/Wiltjer, and Davis.

The only favorable match-up I see for OSU is at PG because I think Craft is a far superior/more consistent PG than Teague. Sully should be able to balance out Davis. I don't think Thomas is good enough defensively to shut down Jones. Buford can handle Miller, but Kidd-Gilchrist might be a little too athletic for him. Doron Lamb is an underrated defender and UK's best pure shooter, so I'm not sure how Lenzelle can keep up.

In order for the Bucks to have a shot at beating them, Davis needs to be in foul trouble early like he was in both Indiana games.  Also Craft needs to absolutely manhandle Teague for a full 40 minutes and completely mess up the flow of UK's offense while staying out of foul trouble. IF OSU can do that then UK is no more than an average tournament team.  Probably wouldn't hurt if Buford shows up and knocks down some perimeter shots.