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Are you satisfied with Ohio State's seed and region?

88% (326 votes)
12% (45 votes)
Total Votes: 371


Bucks43201's picture

best possible scenario, i.m.o.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

kr66osu's picture

I love that Syracuse is the 1 seed in our region, strong possiblity that we won't even face them if we make it to the Elite 8

Seabass1974's picture

The only way it could have been better was to have been put in the midwest bracket which looks to be the weakest to me.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

William's picture

We got a wonderful draw this year. Last year's team would have obliterated this bracket, and I think this year's team has an easy road to the Elite 8. 

Conroy's picture

Way better draw than last year.  I think Syracuse could be a tough matchup because we don't have the shooter to stretch the zone, but all things considered this is great.

Bobcat04's picture

If the question is "are you satisfied with where the selection commitee placed OSU", then yes.  If the question is "are you satisfied with the seed and region based on the things OSU could control", then hell no.  Disappointing loss to a Sparty team without a starter has left me doubting that this team has done any improving.  If the tourney opponent has any kind of size or toughness inside, then OSU is cooked.  OSU has just no perimeter game at all.  If Sully and Thomas meet their match, we're dead.  We lost to a MSU team twice who we out-talent at almost every position.  Not very confidence inspiring.  There is no way in hell MSU makes it to the final 4 in their region.