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What's up with the Ads?

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August 20, 2014 at 10:08pm

I know they are supposed to be based on browsing history but what the hell is going on?  I'm getting ads for Warcraft (i don't game online) suboxon (I don't have an addiction to pain killers) and a Filipino dating site (married without a Filipino fetish).  Anyone else getting really strange ads?   

If not let the denial jokes begin.  



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I believed you until the Filipino dating site...

Fwiw, I'm looking at getting a Mazda 3 and all ads are for that or one of their competitors

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I must be lucky, they think I'm manly.  Here's the ad that is currently on the right, LOL:

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Sorry, I like to party.

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You need to have a serious conversation with your wife about her internet usage... 

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There was one time I saw an ad for tourism in a certain state to the north of us. I almost screenshotted it to make a post similar to this one. Right now I have AT&T Uverse ads which I am already paying for lol.

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kind of missing the t-shirt ads I was getting last year

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Hey it is the Wendy's lady.  I'll have a double please.

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geeks ---> drugs ---> asian mail order wives ... sounds like you hit the trifecta.

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I recently bought a car and was researching online and every ad I have is either from bmw or from the dealer I bought it at. I have to say that the ads are definitely related to my browsing history. Not saying you are looking at Phillipino dating sites, but something in your browsing history pegged you for those ads. I do believe the algorithms can lead to getting ads from something seemingly unrelated to what came up though. For instance, I obviously look at college football sites, and will get ads from every college in the country looking to enroll me. 

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flips can be a lot of fun if you meet the right one...  My ads are wake boarding, hardwood floors and university of redlands. No pacific rim dating sites for me.

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flips can be a lot of fun if you meet the right one...


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Pizza? I don't enjoy that?

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

bigbadbuck's picture invisible bikinis ad.......shouldn't it just say nudity?

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