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Account links are active

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February 22, 2014 at 9:48am

For anyone else that didn't notice (I didn't) the account link for each user through the shortcut (or menu icon) in the upper left corner on moble devices are working.  It's really speeding up some of the navigation.  Nice job Jason. 

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BuckeyeAZOH's picture

Does anyone have troubles with the new site on their galaxy s3. I used the old site all the time with no issues. On the new site, the menu covers up my entire page even when not attempting to use it. Most things are unresponsive on the new site with my phone. I use my phone mostly but do have a iPad that it works good on. The site is very appealing to the eye but much more difficult to use. Also, sorry for putting this on this page but I am unable to access the forums to put this where it goes.

Purple Raider

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Yes. Sub-optimal is one way of putting the experience on the Galaxy S3, but that may be too kind. It's on our list.