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Trouble from iPhone

m5987usus's picture
February 9, 2014 at 8:47pm

Hey staff and fans love the new upgrades a lot I was wondering people looking at this website from their I phone if they have trouble scrolling on the comment sections because it loads like every time I scroll

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John Brandon's picture

What I have been doing on my phone is touching the screen and holding for about a second before scrolling, seems to be working better when I do that

FitzBuck's picture

Sorry John but then it tries to copy the screen.  

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SteelBuckeye's picture

Try Atomic Lite browser. It has a page up/down feature and a scroll bar feature.  Both features need to be turned on in the settings.  It is smooth until you log in.  Then it slows down.  The scroll bar still works smooth when logged in.  

KevinJ's picture

I'm having the same problem with my iPhone and my iPad as well

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bethesdabuck's picture

Same problem here.

Codeezy's picture

Only have the problem on iPhone, iPad works fine!

KBonay's picture

I have seen the issue as well.  Seems to come in play when there are quite a few comments or pics/gifs.  I'm sure it will get worked out.

SgtMdx's picture

I'm having similar problems on my iPhone with one addition. Most of the times I touch the screen brings up the "copy/define" function and I have a hard time getting out of it/

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southbay's picture

I'm having problems with my iPad Air.  Can't figure out how to work the pull-down menus at the top, and sometimes scrolling is herky-jerky, but at other times it is smooth.

Text entry is frustrating, because the on screen keyboard stops responding, you have to roll it down and start typing again.

Not complaining, just sharing my experiences, and I'm sure these things will get fixed in time.

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Jason Priestas's picture

We're working on a fix for the scrolling issues on iPhone/iPad. Hope to have it out soon.

BucksfanXC's picture

Everything Southbay said and I'd add that the my account" feature doesn't seem to work. I click on my name in the menu part and it does nothing but register a click and go nowhere. 

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