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Mo'ne Davis

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August 22, 2014 at 3:42am

I could be the only one, but is anyone else happy that Philadelphia ( mo'ne Davis's team) is finally eliminated? I already can't stand espn but it's the only thing that I really watch anyways. But they took this way too far with everything about her. It was just alittle annoying to me. Don't get me wrong I am very happy for her and her family and the game of baseball and all but they hyped her up to be completely untouchable. They talked about her way to much and gave her so much publicity which is fine but they completely took a crap on the rest of the team. Those pore kids got zero time in the light bc they were now her team not Philadelphia. I mean hell the girl doesn't even want to play in the mlb she rather play for uconns women's basketball team! I hate to burst espns bubble but it is highly doubtful she will ever make it to the mlb. They said she would throw a 92 mph pitch in the mlb but honestly she will never be able to throw that hard. She seems like a very nice girl and she is a above average pitcher (terrible batter) but there were a lot of other players that were better than she was. Not trying to be a hater. Just my opinion. 

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Its a story that will get peoples attention and keep it. Thats why its redundant on the news, especially ESPN. The fact people are spending 500 bucks on an autographed ball from her is hysterical, there are some crazy folks out there.

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I can't imagine receiving that kind of national attention at that young of an age.

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Note to anyone who comes across these words.  ANYWAYS, is NOT a word.

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Ummm……any teenage girl would disagree with you.

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Gotta stick up with you again on grammar, Rill Dill. It should be common knowledge that the proper word is "anyhoo."

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They did go overboard but that's not her fault. She wasn't tooting her own horn and handled herself well to all the attention. I read somewhere that there was speculation whether she might give up her amateur status for endorsements, REALLY. Leave it to ESPN to focus on her reaction when a Las Vegas kid makes a spectacular play in the field.

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That was a hell of a play, huh? Completely set the tone for the game.

Like many things ESPN-ish, the heart of the story, a teenage girl competing and winning against skilled teen boys, was spoiled by nauseating gushing and hyperbole. She was great to watch; they were almost impossible to listen to.

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I just hope she gets a good education. Specifically, grammar. 

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Yes, pore grammar and spelling is the wurst.

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German sausage is the wurst...

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I hope that promoting one woman today will influence other young women in the future to achieve similar success. Future discussions can then focus on talent of the entire team.

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There were two girls in the LLWS this year.  One represented her entire country.  These girls were the 18th and 19th girls to compete in the LLWS.  I really don't see why we're STILL focusing on one girl, not the other as well, instead of the team.

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Here is my theory on the whole thing. fwiw I coach Baseball and kids the same age and have now for a while. Its still very hard for these games to keep my attention. ESPN knows that its the right thing to do in covering the LLWS. But i'm Not sure how there ratings are. So they are going to take any advantage or squeeze any kind of story they can possibly get out of it, because they know they are devoting a lot to covering it and they need the ratings, and lets not be complete asses I mean it was a nice story. Plus you add in that she is a minority playing baseball in the United States and shes a GIRL. The minority part is a big factor. Our country has seen a steady decline of minority's playing baseball. If you look at Players in the majors a lot of them who are black. latino, asian ect. all are from a different country. And little leagues around the county are trying to take big steps to reverse that trend.  I don't know the exact stats but they showed us at a coaches seminar how many young black males played baseball in the 80's as compared to now ,and it was amazing. You have seen a big jump in Basketball,Football and even Soccer. also some of the big metro schools in some of the bigger citys that are in predominantly black neighborhoods, some don't even field a baseball team. Because they don't have enough players or they have to combine a few schools .   Sorry for the long post.

Sims_tOSU's picture

I completely agree. She was a good player I was just saying they over did it. And I don't know if espn cares about the minority thing until next round bc the highlight of the game they showed consisted of the Philadelphia team batting and not one sequence of the Chicago team batting. That just blows my mind bc Chicago won the game! I just think espn needs to realize that these are just kids and they expected way to much out of her. They had a great team so I just wish they focused on the entire team not just her. 

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You can't stand ESPN, but that's the only thing you watch?

Change the channel.  Read a book.  Go outside.  Play a video game.  Brush up on that grammar.  Enjoy life instead of torturing yourself.

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Yeah, a 13-year-old girl - who by all appearances in her interviews is perfectly likable and charming - absolutely wrecking a couple of teams in a mostly boys-only sport, leading to her next start becoming the highest-rated LLWS game ever shown on ESPN, should totally be a non-story. Nothing to see here.

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Plus, she has a 12 to 6 curveball

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I know, I wish they would talk more about Johnny Manziel not being the starter and how Ohio State is now done with Braxton Miller out.

of all the stories to complain about on there, this is the one you picked?

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Right, now I don't know if Johnny Manziel made it to his meetings on time today.

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BREAKING NEWS: Johnny Manziel just said he is bringing sexy back! More at 11.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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She suffered the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse

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Those pore kids got zero time in the light bc they were now her team not Philadelphia.

Mo'ne gave them acne?

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