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is the Reds - Indians a actual rivalry?

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August 7, 2014 at 9:55pm

I was born and raised for 23 years in Ohio, now live in NC and never remember any real rivalry between the fans of the Reds and Indians, but all of twitter people are making a big deal about it. I'm a Reds fan but if the Indians are doing well, I am happy for them, thoughts?


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I consider it a mostly friendly rivalry.  I mean, as a Reds fan, I love it when Cincinnati beats Cleveland.  But when the Reds are not playing the Tribe, I root for Cleveland to do well.  And I know Tribe fans who feel the same way.  It's kind of like "conference pride", except it's more like "state pride."

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As a Cincy fan, I want all Ohio sports teams to do well, but head to head I want Cincy teams to win.

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I live in Cincy and I hear a lot more hate for the teams in our division (especially the Cardinals) and the Yankees. No, it's not a real rivalry.

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Tell me about F*ck the Cardinals. Worse than the Yankees if you ask me.

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Sing it, man.

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Rivalries usually involve fans, to one extent or another.  I think N.E Ohio has apathy toward the series involving the two teams more than anything.  No; no rivalry.

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Even Pirates-Indians theres not really a rivalry. It's just not vicious when you only play a couple series a year.

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I agree that it's a friendly rivalry.  They play a very few regular season games that are for the most part meaningless in a 162 game schedule, and we were all very civil to the Indians fans and I expect they were civil to the Reds fans up there -- but if they should ever meet in the World Series, it would be a lot more serious. . . and the baseball bigwigs would be appalled that two relatively low-budget teams in 'flyover country' are killing their post-season ratings in the big media centers.

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It is baseball. There are no rivalries in baseball.

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Something about the Red Sox and Yankees? After Ohio State-Michigan, it's arguably the largest rivalry in sports.  

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Idk I feel like the media blows it up more than it actually is. Hard to get angry over a win or loss when there are what 5 or 11 more games in one season?

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Have to agree.  Lived in NYC for 4 years.  I think the Yankees and OSU are similar.  They both have national, possibly international, fan bases.  With this big fan bases they are huge money makers.  There are 2 types of football fans those that love the Buckeyes and those who hate them.  Rarely find someone who is ambevilent (spelling?) in regards to the Buckeyes.  This is why bad news about the Buckeyes sells lots of commercial time on national TV.  The same with the Yankees.  The hatred for the Yankees is definitely greater than Yankees fan hatred for any  team.  This is particularly true of Red Sox fans.  It is funny when you have discussions with Boston fans comparing the Yankees and the Red Sox they always bring up how many championships the Celtics and Bruins have won.  Has nothing to do with baseball, but you got to admire their love of their home teams.  The Gaints defeat of the Patriots a few years ago was really hard on Boston fans.

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I would say it's an actual rivalry.

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I don't think it's anything more than a friendly rivalry. I live in Cincy and very much dislike the Bengals but follow the Reds as a second team. I even bought a Reds hat to wear when I go to games. I wore one of my Indians jerseys tonight. Yeah, I wanted the Indians to win but wasn't too bothered by them losing to the Reds.

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Indians Rivals: White Sox, Tigers, Twins, Yankees (because everyone's rival is the Yankees)

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I wouldn't call it a rivalry seeing as how they never even played each other till interleague play started in the late 90's.

I'm not an Indians, Browns or Cavs fan (i'm a Cincy guy for sports), but I don't hate on them. I want them to succeed and have the best teams possible (except when they play my Reds and Bengals). Take for instance the Browns, the majority of their fans I see are pretty awesome and passionate like Buckeye fans. They seem to really love their teams up in NE Ohio. 

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My personal belief in all sports is that a rivalry is only created when there is one of three things:

A)  Some kind of fight or monumental moment that creates ire

B)  Most importantly a game, or in baseball's case maybe a series, that can be pointed to that broke the heart of one team.

C) A large sample size of games to look at over different seasons where each team has had success over the other.

Before at least one of those things (and really all need to happen) there is no rivalry.

Ergo Reds beat Indians in World Series, next year Phillips taps Gomes on the knee pads going to bat and Cueto spikes Nick Swisher during the ensuing melee and now you got a rivalry.

But I do like watching the series every year and definitely like holding Reds series wins over my Indians fan friends.

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next year Phillips taps Gomes on the knee pads going to bat

They're probably friends seeing as how Gomes used to play on the Reds (if you're talking about Johnny). It's not like Phillips and Yadier Molina (Sp?) from the Cards. I would have no problem with Phillips or Gomes having a scuffle with Molina (in Phillips case, again).

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Unless I'm mistaken the Indians main catcher is Yan Gomes.  But a Johnny Gomes Brandon Phillips fight would be entertaining. 

I do have a strong dislike for Yadier Molina too and welcome any come-uppance he might get.

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"Here we go. Here we go!"

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Its the battle of Ohio and welcomed from both sets of fans for just small bragging rights. Nothing more nothing less.

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