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I'm book marking this one, as this is going to get interesting in the comments section.


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Not a Browns fan, but easily the least deserving owner. Bad businessman, owner, etc. Would be an insult to all those who are in the hall. Truth hurts.

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Plenty of people disagree with this sentiment, NFL people will tell you he deserves in for a lot of things he did for the league as a whole.

I firmly believe he would get into the Hall on the same day that they moved it out of Ohio. The problem is you can't put him in there, and then have a big ceremony in Canton. People would pack that place like it's never been packed before, and the boo's would be heard all the way to the quaker state down by The Strip. That would be such a huge embarrassment for everyone that it just can't be done.

If they made a new category called "people namer art model" he still couldn't get in. That's the price he pays for taking Clevelands football team from them.

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Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Art Modell getting inducted in Canton, Ohio...not sure his presenter would be able to finish his speech because of the boo's.


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Cleveland Browns fans are known for many things, but tolerance and forgiveness are not on that list. 

A man got to have a code...

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I hate Art Modell for what he did to Cleveland before his death, the stolen team and Super Bowl, but even I have to give (choke, choke) a very tiny bit of credit to his contributions.  However, due to the media votes required and the complex nature of his ownership - it may never happen.

Go Bucks!

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the new section is named scum sucking low-life ba***rds, and he is the first in line.

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No way. If you can't afford the team, sell it! Don't take it away from a city and state that love it. Pretty selfish move that will forever be his legacy no matter how much good he did for the NFL.

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No comment.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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For what he contributed to the game and/or the league I could understand. He was good for business.

For what he did to a city is another story altogether. It may also have been business, but it affected many personally.

Ultimately I can't say I'd care. My hope lies on the present and the future of the Browns...not the past.


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Art Modell can go to hell! 

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Out of respect for my father I won't buy gasoline at Marathon stations because they done him wrong once in the 70's, and no matter what I am doing in life if Art Modell ever gets inducted into the HOF I will be there as close as the crowds will let me to boo the man posthumously until the ceremony ends.

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