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Brutal Paul George Break!!!

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August 1, 2014 at 10:39pm

Just a pick up game!


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What happened?  Assuming he got hurt in a pick up game?

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It was at the USA team scrimmage. He went up to block a shot, his leg hit the thing holding up the basket and it kind of snapped. You could probably fund video somewhere but I have to warn you it is pretty brutal.

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I feel really depressed now. It's unfortunate how stuff like this can happen. Hopefully he can recover fully.

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Not going to look up that video, I saw the Kevin Ware thing live before they realized what happened I saw bone. 

Indy's going to be pretty bad next year. No paul George for awhile, no Lance Stephenson at all. Crazy turn of events for the East, Cavs Vs. Bulls.

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Don't watch it. I just saw a vine clip showing it.  Prayers go out to Paul George, absolutely devastating for him. It looked worse than Theisman's injury or Tim Krumrie's. Horrific.

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Here you go, but it looks pretty bad. view at your own risk!


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It looks like he snapped his tibia and possibly the fibula. It appeared to be above the ankle joint.

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Am I a piece of shit for thinking how much easier it is now for my Cavs? Yeah I am.

Edit: Prayers for Paul George for real

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Oh boy, looked pretty damn scary. #Ouch


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Prayers up. Such a horrific accident can happen in the wonderful game of basketball. Wow

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And here I was worrying about D.Rose.

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Such a terrible thing to have happen to anyone in sports let alone one of the young rising stars.

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Is it too soon to say 'Oh snap!'? Seriously that poor guy. Hope he makes a full recovery.

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Makes me think of the grill out OSU had over the summer, Champions dinner I think its called. The coaches and players played games of dodgeball, softball and some other activities. This kind of recreation happens everywhere with athletes. What would the outrage be if Bosa, Raekwon, EzE or whomever, received a season ending injury for playing a backyard pick up game?

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Don't you dare put that evil on them! Seriously though let's hope and pray that doesn't happen

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You can't live life trying to avoid injury though. It would have been awful if it happened but it could happen anywhere.

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That was nasty. Reminds me of the Joe Theismann injury back in the day.

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That was straight up disgusting!!


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Enters thread and upvotes everybody to get rid of the serial DV'er. Da fuq?

This stuff happens. Terrible, but its a topic of discussion. Thanks for the vid. I don't watch ESPN.

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Leg injuries are always pretty unnerving, but I have a feeling this won't be a career-hampering injury to recover from. I'm hopeful for Paul George that because the break looked so far below the knee that minimal damage was done to any of the knee ligaments. I'm kinda optimistic for the guy that it's only going to end up being a bone issue, but a terrible injury nonetheless.

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It appears to be enough above the ankle joint, that it would avoid the ankle ligaments as well.  Praying that the surgeons have wisdom and know how best to repair it.  Definitely not a quick recovery. I'm just hoping he will be able to return someday.

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Orthopedic surgeon confirmed it to be a compound tibia/fibula fracture from analyzing. He felt that through just video analysis that he would eventually recover.

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Reminds me of Shaun Livingston turning his knee 180 degrees when he was fresh into the NBA. George was a great player. Positive vibes for his family.


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Livingston did both acls at one time too I thought?

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Yep...jelly leg...nasty..