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Billy Hamilton is fun to watch

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July 8, 2014 at 11:24pm

After his terrible start, Hamilton is doing exactly what the Reds need.  Getting on base,  creating havoc on the base paths and an added bonus, his defense has been nothing short of stellar. I think in the first game of the double header today,  Hamilton got his 37th stolen base, at the same time the Cubs as a team had 37.

Todd Frazier is reaping the benefits of batting behind him and getting all the fastballs.

With the Reds warming up this'll definitely be something fun to watch until kickoff vs Navy

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Despite all the injuries and whatnot they're still only 1 game out of a wildcard spot. If they keep improving like they have they should make the playoffs. Hopefully they'll get out of the first round this time.

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I've been following Hamilton since he was tearing up Bakersfield in High A ball.  I figured he'd be a terror on the basepaths, but I never expected him to be hitting at a .280 clip or leading all centerfielders in total defense (and holy shit he has a cannon for an arm).

He just needs to learn how to take a walk now.  He was pretty good at it in the minors, but you shouldn't have a .306 obp when you're hitting 25 points under that.

God this team is fun to watch.  Chapman and Hamilton are arguably two of the most exciting players in baseball (and let's not forget about Phillips' defensive highlights), and Frazier has some of the most infectious enthusiasm I've seen in a ballplayer since Sean Casey.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. He has surprising power for a little guy as well (185 lbs?). He definitely needs to work on the plate discipline/walking more, but I do love how he battles in there and hasn't struck out nearly as much as people were projecting. Glad you brought up the defense too because people don't realize that his defensive sabermetrics numbers are off the charts (i.e. zone rating). He's the total package and makes watching this team so much more fun.

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I hope they mic Frazier for the HR derby, that'll make it worth watching

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This team is fun to watch! Tonight might the most fun I've ever had watching a regular season game, what a team effort to pull off the doubleheader sweep. 

They have great starting pitching and Broxton plus Chapman have both been great since coming off the DL. With the Brewers cooling off after their fast start and the Cardinals injuries to their starting pitchers, the Reds still could win the division even with all the injuries they've had and their bad start. 

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Be very glad they are not in Cleveland, because anyone who plays well gets traded away for three farm club maybe's the next year. God I hate the cheap SOB's owners in Cleveland sports.

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If Votto can get back to his normal self and the pitchers stay healthy  I see no reason  why us suffering Reds fans shouldnt have hope. Hamilton is going to take the MLB by storm if he can keep improving and yes learn to take a walk.

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I just don't understand why this team isn't further up in the division, I know why, but thus team has all the ability in the world to be contenders if everyone would stay healthy

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I don't want to be the downer on this thread because I too love Billy and Frazier and the boys, but I watched that Dodger's series as it was on ESPN and I haven't seen much else, couple of games against Pittsburgh too, and I thought it looked like a team that would be lucky to get to the playoffs again. Bruce has got to get going and Votto is worrying me because we have so much time and money invested in him and if he can't get healthy it's gonna be depressing watching him and what he could have been.

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Minus Votto, everyone is finally getting healthy. I doubt they have played 20 games this season with the lineup at full strength.

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Yeah, and I'm happy they are winning now. I think the Brewers will come back to Earth and I'd love to see St.Louis finally under perform over a season. I'm happy for Pittsburgh to finally be doing well, but they can finish second behind us and still make the playoffs again. I don't want them to beat us in another one game playoff to get into the one game playoff.

Votto hurting, and he has been for two years now in my opinion, is rough. He just this year (or maybe not even until next) starts a 10-yr $250 million contract. If he never returns to form, that's a big fat drain on our payroll going forward. I wouldn't mind him sitting out the rest of the season if it meant he could properly and fully heal going forward. He leaves a big hole in the line-up. If we put Bruce at 1B then we are taking his great arm out of the OF, downgrading defensively at 1B, and still having to platoon more in the left with guys that obviously aren't worth starting everyday.

I'm worried our window of having all this young talent is closing and we may have already had our best chances to win and blew it in the playoff under Dusty. But I hope they prove me wrong. I trust Jocketty and Price, so I'll keep cheering on the Redlegs!

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your icon is a Farside comic and that is awesome

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He is on fire.  Really fun player to watch.  Makes getting triples look easy.