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NFL Draft, Wide Receivers, and Sammy Watkins

TresselourgodUrbanoursavior's picture
May 9, 2014 at 12:11pm

Okay so I had to make a post about solely this topic, because there are so many Browns fans on this website and I am seeing a huge disparity of opinions across the internet.

Personally, I think the Bills pick of Sammy Watkins was the worst move in the draft.  Not only did they give up a presumably top 15 pick next year, but they did so to get a wide receiver at 4 in a deep WR draft and a deep position in the NFL.  I keep hearing about how they didn't want to mess up like they did with Julio Jones, but Julio Jones is a physical specimen.  Sammy Watkins, not so much.  While his strengths are acceleration and ability to knock people over, NFL players will be able to close out on him  faster and they are bigger and stronger.

As for the Browns, I'm not sure that Gilbert was the best pick, seeing as how your pass defense was solid last year, but I think he is a good get nonetheless.  Add to that a first round pick, Johnny Manziel at 22, and the ability to get Marquis Lee or Allen Robinson, or Cody Latimer at WR, or Mewhort or Hyde and I think you guys made out like bandits.

Lastly, I'm happy with my Bengals pick of Dennard at 24.


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FloridaBuck's picture

Would love to see the Brownies take Carlos, but I don't think its gonna happen.  Probably also isn't the smartest pick.

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Danify's picture

If the Browns are smart (have been so far) they will grab

Marquis Lee @ 35 (Ideal #2 WR - Could slot Jordan Matthews here)

Jack Mewhort @ 71 (Ideal RT)

Shayne Skov @ 106 (Run-stopper - Perfect for AFC North)

Running Back @ 127 (Jerick McKinnon, Storm Johnson, Tyler Gaffney, Andre Williams, or De'Anthony Thomas).

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TresselourgodUrbanoursavior's picture

I think that would be a hell of a haul

KeithMC33's picture

Sign me up for that right now! haha

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I didn't understand that move by the Bills.  It seemed desperate.  They don't strike me as a team that is one WR away from being complete.  To me, they are years away, just like the Browns.  It makes sense for a team like the 49ers or the Panthers, for example.  If I were Buffalo, I would have saved my picks and stocked up on young talent to build the roster for the future, but being a Browns fan, I'm glad they did it.  You can say he's the next Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, but how many SBs have they won?  You do need great players to win SBs, but the rest of them need to be good as well.  Buffalo doesn't have that kind of a roster yet, they gave away too much to get one guy.

Read my entire screen name....

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Hovenaut's picture

Not to mention the Bills essentially handed the Brownies what will likely be a top ten pick in next year's draft.

I think Gilbert will work out - good to see Cleveland shore up the pass defense against the rest of the division.

Also think Ray Farmer is off to a great start his first time at the rodeo.

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DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

35 - Su'a Filo/Joel Bitonio

71 - Jordan Matthews/Chris Borland

106 - Bishop Sankey/Shane Skov

127 - Christian Jones/KaDeem Carey

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osubuck57's picture

Anyone for Martavis Bryant?? The kid that caught everything that wasn't thrown Watkins way. Like his height and speed. Mathews would be a good get as well. Maybe not as fast, but catches everything. He'd be an upgrade over what they have now. And we have Hawkins in the slot as well.


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Danify's picture

I'm leaning toward Lee, Matthews, or Robinson. Jordan Matthews intrigues me the most outside of Marqise Lee and Xavier Su'a Filo at #35.

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Silver Bullet 10's picture

I watched some Clemson games, and the dude has hands of stone. Greg Little Jr....if that. Overrated.

KeithMC33's picture

Bucks57 and Danify,

Both posts are spot on! I would love for the Browns to take Su'a Filo at 35, but i am curious to see how this 2nd round pans out. If Houston takes Garoppolo (or however you spell it) i think there might be quite a bit of interest by Arizona to trade up ahead of Oakland to get Carr. If we can flip with AZ and pick up another 3rd or 4th round pick i would like to go that route. Definitely a lot of skilled WR's to get at 20 unless there is a huge run on those this round.

Martavis Bryant is a very intriguing player too. Not sure where all the "experts" have him slated to go, but i wouldn't mind taking a run at him.  Hell i would even trade Greg Little and try to pick up Bryant. 


So far the Browns look solid on this draft, but let's hope they develop all these young men into solid NFL players!