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Browns taking a hard look at Tate

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March 15, 2014 at 12:40pm

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I am extremely happy this topic wasn't about Cleveland looking at Focier to possibly take snaps behind center.

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Train wreck if that was true - I can exhale now

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Totally almost forgot who Tate Forcier was...

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Don't forget about Dion Lewis.

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Tate changed his Twitter Banner

And he has a message for Browns fans...

Sadly this means Hyde probably will not be a Brown but I'm happy the team is making proactive and positive moves.

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I'd agree at first, but if they could get Hyde with their 2nd rounder I think they might. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but having 2 RB's who you use is pretty common, and it would give Hyde a couple of years to learn the ropes while getting some snaps at the same time. I just think he'll be a good one, and I'd love the Browns to have a solid running game.

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Go Brownies Go

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Glad to have Tate, but sadly, I agree 703 Buckeye. Bet they draft a QB at #4. I hate the thought of that, and hope they don't. Really would love Watkins or Evans paired with Gordon.


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Done deal


So no Carlos weraing the Orange and Brown - - they should take him anyway - Tate has missed pars of 2 seasons with injuries- who knows how he'll fare with this OL

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I'd love them to take Carlos - seeing him blow up the LB's in our division would be a dream come true.

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The browns will still draft a rb imo, I hope it is Carlos. 

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Deep RB class.  Hopefully this means RDS will be a brown with the 2nd first round pick,

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Bunch of wishful thinkers regarding Carlos in the first.  Those days are over, the NFL game has changed, and very rare will be the 1st round RB pick now and the future.  Plus, Carlos didn't look that good in the combine, and how much credit is due to the Offensive Line and the scheme (answer:  a lot).  


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I seen the name Tate and thought..."Dare God No!" :D


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