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Leaders for 2017 WR

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September 4, 2014 at 9:38am

Hey everybody this is my first forum topic I have created. I also rarely post only when it's something important but I check this site everyday. Anyways I just wanted to say that over at 247 the number 3 receiver Jeff Thomas in the 2017 class just said OSU was his leader. In addition, we lead with Treveon Grimes and Donovan People-Jones also. So what's so important about that? These three receivers are the top 3 receivers for 247 2017 class. I know 2017 is pretty far and a lot can happen but still it's pretty impressive what the coaches have done here. I just wanted to post considering we have missed on some 2015 players and show that were gonna land the big time receivers sooner or later.

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So........ what's his name?

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I can't even get excited about 2017, let alone who's on our schedule in 2022-2023 LOL.

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Second that Alwayz - way too funny and too far away

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Great to hear, let's revisit this in a couple years. 

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Wonder if this has anything to do with Beckner.

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That's the class that Danny Clark (a top flight QB recruit) is a part of. My theory is that a lot of receivers will want to catch passes from him. I asked Mike the recruiting reporter about it in a story he wrote and he gave a couple guys he thought we would see in scarlet in that class. You can probly find it in the recruiting archive

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I'm starting to think that the reason the 2015 class is missing on some of these recruits is because they see that we currently have a slew of young receivers on the team right now. There is at least 2 more years for the current crop to develop and own the starting positions on this team as well as enough to create depth for 2 more years as well. I think any 2015 kid coming in will have to wait at least 2 years to become a real full time starter on this team. Kirk maybe one year.

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Either way you look at it, the next several years are shaping up to be huge, both for recruiting and for talent that could possibly come to cbus

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