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Mitchell visiting osu?

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September 3, 2014 at 12:35pm

I just saw a few minutes ago Austin Grandstaff tweeted "Columbus tomorrow with Mickey Mitchell". Sorry I can't attach the actual tweet. Have to assume if he does indeed make the trip that it can't hurt. 

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Probably just coming up for the VaTech game. Even if Mickey has no plans of attending OSU, I would be surprised if he would turn down an invite to this game. Certainly doesn't hurt our chances with him. 


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edit: tennbuckeye beat me by 25 seconds. disregard.

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I always disregard anything that comes from Beth mowins.

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I hope we can change his mind. He looks like an absolute beast who is not afraid of contact on drives, plus he is a great decision maker and times his passes well. I was distraught when he decommitted.

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Good.  I still want him

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Would there be room for him if he decided to come back tho? Seeing who OSU has on their 2015 boards and the scholly numbers we have.

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Does anyone know what the health problems are exactly with his father?

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It's personal and that kind of detail doesn't matter. I'm sure the Mitchell family doesn't want random OSU fans prying into their lives

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Didn't mean to pry anything, was just curious if it was published anywhere.

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"I'm not prying, I'm just prying"

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More like..."I'm not prying...just seeing if any information was readily available"

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Exactly, thank you for understanding my comments!

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I know the family thing but do we know why exactly he decommitted? 

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If he does come he's coming with a class kid.  I'd like to have LeBron there to welcome the BB and FB recruits.

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I know this might not be a popular comment, but idk why he's visiting when he decommitted, In my mind it's probably just to meet LeBron. I honestly wouldn't waste my money if I was Thad to bring him on campus and focus on other recruits unless he thinks the decommitment was an accident. 

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Mickey has already met LeBron, more than once. Who cares why he is visiting. Do you know the whole story? Don't make assumptions which involve criticizing a kid you know little about.

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