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Matt Burrell 100% visiting this weekend

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September 1, 2014 at 1:59pm

Per his coach, Matt Burrell is visiting this weekend for the Virginia Tech game. He is using this for his official visit. This is a good chance for Ohio State to boost the lead, that IMO they already have. Joining him on the trip is his teammate and class of 2018 star, Runningback Ricky Slade.

Another 2015 prospect COULD be joining them on the trip, but am not allowed to say until I am given the OK. This prospect has not been talked about here in a while. I can update when I am allowed.

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If I had to guess I would say the other prospect is tim settle.

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Since hobochops beat me with the Settle guess, I'll also throw in Adam McLean as a guess.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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I'll throw in prince. From MD. Hasn't really been mentioned in a bit. But probably settle. 

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Good stuff, hope he commits. 

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Roundtree, Settle or Beckner. 


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Good call, I'm going with beckner

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Any chance he commits?

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I do not believe he is going to, but, if he did, I wouldn't be all that shocked. I am going with no.

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He tweeted he was coming with his family. Does that sway your thoughts at all?

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DeBerry or does he already have an official set up?

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my guess is DeBerry


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I am leaning a bit more to it being DeBerry. We will see soon enough.

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Almost positive DeBerry has already been planning a visit this weekend and it is NOT his official.

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PS who the hell switched my profile pic from Bruce Campbell?!  lol

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A first-class recruiting weekend, with an entire constellation of stars on campus.

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HUGE Weekend!

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It's gotta be Meg

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99% sure it's Settle. Those dudes are brothers. 

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Yes please!!! 


I think Gene took deberry off the visitor list for yesterday's quick bits, not that that is word is gospel....okay it might be.

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matt burrell sounds like a old baseball player named pat burrell! he would hit home runs and bang chicks.. that was his motto in Philly atleast! LOL

i like roosters

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Hopefully with Burrell and Harris hear during the game they can continue to build a relationship. Hillard and Cornell being here with them can't hurt.

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I was told by a good source that DeBerry was trying to make it to the game. It did not work out.

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DeBerry wants both his parents with him on the visit, unfortunately his father had a previous commitment that threw a wrench into the plans.

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