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Crystal Ball Predictions

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August 28, 2014 at 2:18pm

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AlwayzABuckeye614's picture

Nice, if we end up with all your predictions, do you think we could end up with a top 3 class?

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Harris, TG, Cager, Burrell, Gallimore?  I like it!

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Nice! Good to see that Harris, Gibson, Burrell, Cager, and gallimore are all pretty high picks for us..

OSU725's picture

Not very excited about the Kirk pick. I do really like the rest though!!!! I am unaware the Stump has gotten an OSU offer yet. Is this based losing out on Jefferson and likely Kirk??

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Turtlebuster's picture

Feels like Gibson will be the best WR in this Buckeye class....

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buckskin's picture

I think he could be too, but it'll take some convincing.  He dropped Auburn or Tennessee (can't remember which) down the list because they wanted him at WR.

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allinosu's picture

Be careful,  I said something about seeing Kirk an TG being our wide receivers and OMG the negative comments and DVs.

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OSU069's picture

Sorry. He is a QB. He has a rocket arm and is accurate enough. 

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No better athlete or WR in the class but a number of better QBs. Those are the words of the experts that evaluated him. That said we do need him but he really needs to work on his accuracy. When evaluators who have Sweat their #1 recruit said if TG would commit to WR they would have him #1 so why is it so bad to IMAGINE him across Kirk. The coaches have made their decision for QB so it's decided but it's fun to speculate.

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QB is the most important position. He can be a dynamic QB.

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No offense to the experts who write for recruiting websites, but I trust Coaches Meyer and Herman in their evaluation that Gibson can be an elite QB over anybody at the ol' worldwide leader or any other site. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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Look I watched him compete in some those competitions and his throws started going wild as they progressed. His 10-15 yard sideline throw were going ten yard over the receivers head. There are utubes out there that show his high school pick sixes and they were awful. Look at his 247 rating in accuracy (4). I never seen one that low. I'm just pointing out the bad for the sake of debate. His upside is tremendous as an athlete  and throwing the deep ball. I like the kid but it wouldn't surprise me if he jumped ship again. His biggest ties are to Tenn. The kid is a first round draft choice as a receiver by his second year. I stated above that I was all in with the coaches but how do you know they don't feel they think he will come to the decision to play WR to have early playing time especially if Braxton comes back an JT is tearing it up. No matter what,  I hope like hell he is a buckeye. By the way these experts were running those camps he visited not just writers. 

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And we begin to rock, steady, steady rockin all night long

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lol, Im not saying TG will be a WR...but honestly, if you list Gibson,Cager and Stump in order at the WR positon as far as talent goes, would TG not top that list?

I really like Cager too, I would want him in the class even if OSU did land Kirk and Van. Just seems for one reason or another OSU is having a bit of trouble closing the deal on a top WR prospect.

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Mike - great job - you sure have hit the ground running since you've joined the cream of the crop. This will be an unbelievable class if things pan out with your predictions.

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Congratulations on your CB access.  That's pretty huge.

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I agree. I remember not too long ago you posting a piece asking us how we like it and you were hoping to join MotSaG. Great to see how quickly you moved to 11W and then gained access to CB predictions!

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hey miami is getting a good back in scarlett

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why does everyone seem to be cooling on sweat when hes visiting next week?

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Give us some 411 on your Stump pick