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Which Recruiting Service Do You Most Trust?

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August 27, 2014 at 12:48pm

*I'm moving this from a comment on another story to its own topic*


Do you trust one of the major recruiting services (247, Rivals, Scout, ESPN) more than the others?  Are some better at predicting abilities at certain positions?  In certain regions?

I would imagine it makes sense to look at all of them, and "average" them out, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.

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247's Composite Rankings is a game changer.


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Also a big fan of the predictions and crystal ball, although sometimes inaccurate. 

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This x100

they all have good and bad things about them. The composite helps overall ratings simply by putting everyone's opinions together.

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Agreed. I don't trust any of them but I like the composite as most likely to be accurate.

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There is only one to trust.

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247 has the best mobile site

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None of the above. I get all my recruiting news from 11W and the guys over at Cleveland.com, they do good work.

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To me, recruiting rankings mean even less that pre-season rankings so none of the recruiting services trip my trigger.  I trust the coaches that evaluate the kids the most



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I trust Birm .... that's pretty much it....there's no need for a recruiting service with Birm writing for 11W.

Birm ... I'll take my payment in helmet stickers ..thanks.

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I like them all, even ESPN which I know most people on here hate...

But for the sake of argument, current class rankings by site:

Rivals: 16th

Scout: 17th

247: 15th

ESPN: 9th

But of course, ESPN is the worst amirite?

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ESPN is historically the worst.  And they are the slowest to update individual and team rankings.  And Tom Luginbill sucks.

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the moon shines on a dogs ass every now and then!

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Personally, I like:

1. 247

2. Rivals

3. Scout


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I have kind of a smorgasbord approach to viewing recruiting information. I pay the most attention to 247 because of their Composite Rankings, but I do look at Scout and Rivals, and occasionally ESPN. In addition to that I read blogs like 11W and check out other sites as well. I've never paid for recruiting info, so I can't speak for paywalled insider information and who has the best content in that regard, although DrewBuckeye and 9Route seemed to really be in the know around here...

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I am a member at Scout and I think the info that Bill Greene and nevada give is worth the money.  Not always the recruiting stuff, but the inside information from practices and things like that.

I can honestly say that stars don't matter to me as much as some.  I think ESPN is the worst, and I like the composite the best, but Scout and Rivals are toss ups.

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Agree with your sentiments about The Bank and Nevada.  I don't follow recruiting enough to rank the different services.


I just like tweeting the recruits so that I feel I can get the story from them

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I don't really "trust" any of them. I usually just compare then to each other to get a decent idea. The 247 composite is great unless a recruit has an outlier from one of the services.