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South Carolina 27 Commits - 15 Seniors

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August 23, 2014 at 7:21pm

Can someone tell me how the hell South Carolina can have 27 commits and only 15 seniors on roster. Are you fucking kidding me?

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11W Staff - Do you know how they get away with it?

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SEC for ya they don't care!

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Everyone else puts rules in place against over signing, except the SEC...then they rip of 7 Nattys in a row...you do the math. 


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The Big Ten signs 4 year scholarships, the SEC signs 1 year renewable scholarships.  So they can over sign and cut those who they don't think make it.  That really puts the SEC a an advantage IMO, we should all have the same rules.

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I have to disagree. The NCAA needs to make 4 year scholarships mandatory.  That will help to curb the over signing and show that they are serious about the student athlete. 

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His statement wasn't necessarily that the B1G should adopt the 1-year renewable scholarships, but that all the conferences should have the same rules regardless of what they are.  That being said, I think 4 year scholarships should be mandatory, which would accomplish the goal of all the conferences being on an equal footing and benefit the student athletes at the same time.

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Although the 4 year scholarship would be a good idea it would change very little.  The SEC doesn't "cut" many players.  They are liberal with the medical waivers and the coaching staffs encourage attrition from players who aren't developing by encouraging them to transfer...pointing out there is no playing time for them.  

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Clearly you under estimate the number of people who will have medical hardships hang nails that happen in the south.

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It should be incumbent on the recruits to be aware of this.

Spurrier ain't care.

The postgame show is brought to you by... Christ, I can't find it. The hell with it...

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1 yr scholarships make up for bad recruiting. 

I wish there was a strong media outlet that would bring up more of these topics. I would like to see the SEC coaches interviewed and asked the hard questions just to see what kind of responses they have. I love hearing about Bert, he always makes a fool of himself.

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S E C !   S E C !

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I can remember coach Tressel saying on the NC stand at the end of the Miami game that we had 13 seniors on the team.  Obviously some of that was attrition from a coaching change, but I'm sure there were legit medical hardships and probably some others that weren't happy with playing time in the four years leading up to that point.  With that being said, I am pretty sure Tress did not have 27 verbal commitments at that time for the next recruiting class.  Not defending SEC, but it can happen.  My question would be how many remaining seniors do they have from the original class.  That would be more of a smoking gun than just stating the number of seniors on a team.     

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SEC don't play math.

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I haven't followed up on this since I heard about it a couple weeks ago, but at one USCe was on the verge of losing as many as 8 of this past years' recruiting class (the current incoming freshmen) due to grade issues and the like.  It's very possible that they'll need to make up for at least some of that in this coming signing class.  27 does seem excessive though.

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by grade issues I mean specifically one of them was taking the SAT or ACT for at least the 3rd time to be eligible to enroll at SC, and that such issues were implied for the others.

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5 of them have already been removed from their scholarships because they did not qualify or were rejected by admissions.  They also had a lot of transfers out already this year.

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Good ole SEC for ya

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SEC classes are always bigger than the rest of College Football. Since they are all honorable institutions (cough! cough! Bull$?1T cough! cough!), then it must be that they have more under-performing players that suddenly have career-ending injuries or family issues that make them have to transfer. Either that or they basically cut players that aren't good enough so they can recruit more to replace them.

When you can sign 110 players over a 4 year period instead of 90, you have more depth and can take chances on more players of questionable character.  Doesn't completely explain 6 straight NCs but it sure helps.

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A: Verbals don't mean anything.  NCAA rules for scholarship numbers aren't even assessed until March I think.

B: South Carolina is 4 under their scholarship limit currently.  They also get 3 scholarships back for 2015.  Mike Davis will likely go pro.  27-(15+8) = 4 scholarships over.  So really that's all we're talking about right now, which, at this point in the game, wouldn't be out of the question for OSU.  

C: 4 year scholarships are fairly new to the NCAA rulebook, so I don't get too bent out of shape that most schools don't offer them.  However, I do expect the "power 5" to start requiring these with their new autonomy sooner rather than later.

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