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BIG TEN vs SEC recruiting gap by the numbers

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August 5, 2014 at 2:25pm

Interesting to look at the recruiting gap across time of the average team class ranking within the conference - I only used numbers from scout as this was the easiest to pull quickly by conference. Nebraska, Missouri and A&M were added as they joined the conference.

Notable time frames:

2004 and 2005 was the smallest gap - this would have translated to Junior and Seniors on the field in 2006 and 2007. And as you can see 2009 to 2012 were not so great and that would translate to Juniors and Seniors on the field in 2011 to 2014...The last 3 years including the upcoming 2015 have shown some improvement.

Hopefully that tweet embedded correctly...


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I first took this as "Oh that is interesting, the Big Ten is actually somehow on top."  But alas...

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Yeah! We're beating the SEC!!....wait, that can't be right...oh, yeah, lower is better...

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recruiting rankings mean little for your own team, really, must less for the conference as a whole. 

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More importantly would be taking Ohio State's average ranking and putting it on the graph. I think we'd compare favorably

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Friendly advice for ya.  On your keyboard somewhere is a print screen button.  You can copy that into paint and save the image instead of taking a picture from a camera.  

This is interesting though.  I am shocked by the difference so early on. I would have thought the B1G would be on top for the early years.

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I stopped stretching my Microsoft skills at creating an excel chart. Thanks for the tip.

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Maybe a graph showing total number of recruits over that same time for the two conferences. I recall when we played Arkansas in the bowl they compared recruiting classes. And shear numbers, they had the equivalent of 4 classes packed into 3 years. #oversigning

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Good point, oversigning plays a factor in the numbers, but oversigning leads to more quality players added to the program.

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So if I were a lower end Big Ten team, lets say Purdue. I would just hit up all the 4 stars that get "cut" after 1 year with Alabama etc and say, "Do you want to Play in the Big Ten or an FCS school?" . Can't hurt. Maybe steal a few recruits a year.

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