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Recruiting chat with Sweat

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July 31, 2014 at 1:30pm

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He's an incredibly impressive kid on and off the field. The right type of recruit.

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What type of recruit would I be?

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Face of a Franchise type of young man. Solid all the way around the board.

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The fact that he and Larry Johnson, Sr have a great relationship and he recognizes Coach Johnson's penchant for getting guys to the NFL makes me feel really good about our chances. 

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Interesting notes:

- Said he's making decision a couple weeks after last official most likely.

- Said he has known LJS since sophomore year and likes him a lot.

- Stated that UGA and FSU were the nicest campuses, said OSU had a very nice football facility but said all the campuses and facilities were pretty much even.

- Said he is looking for early playing time. Did not like that a school who was recruiting him told him he wouldn't be able to get much playing time as a freshman. That school isn't in consideration anymore, per Sweat.

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Um, what school told him that he wouldn't be able to play as a freshmen?  He is too good of an athlete to keep off the field.

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Must have been Hoke, they've already got Peppers playing all 4 spots on the D line.

Paralyze resistance with persistence. - Woody Hayes

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The playing time part is interesting. Bosa will still be a Buckeye, so Sweat would be competing with Holmes, Lewis, who else?

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Well, since Coach Johnson is a proponent of rotating guys in, even with guys ahead of him, he'd likely see playing time throughout his freshman year. I wouldn't worry too much about who is on the roster at that point.

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Good read once you decipher all the garbage !  Loved the comments he made about Coach Johnson, could be one of the deciding factors.

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Does he like the NBA? If so, we got that angle covered.

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I'm not really sure what I'm looking for on the official visits yet. That's why I'm making them. I know the schools I visit, I can't get my degree at which is important. I guess it's finding the right fit. The fit and relationship with the coaching staff's is important.

He said this at one point. What does he mean when he's talking about his degree?

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Would be one of the biggest recruiting wins/surprises since I began following recruiting in 04.


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He stresses that his relationship with the coaches is one of the most important things for him and mentions how good his relationship with LJ is. This will be a battle, but I like our chances.

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Really want this young man on our team..has the talent, work ethic, just mature beyond his age. Going to step in and make an impact from the start. Hope watching the likes of Spence and the Boss Bosa and the coaching staffs use of those guys Sweat realizes his full potential could very Well be reached playing with the good guys. Either way this young man will be a success wherever he chooses

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