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July 27, 2014 at 9:36pm

Maybe I'm a bit immature or spoiled, but I can't help feel disappointed in OSU recruiting lately. I know I'll probably take some flak for this and I know Urban hasn't let us down yet, but I find some recent trends concerning for a program with aspirations bigger than a B1G Title. I think it's completely reasonable for me to be feeling antsy these days. This post isn't an indictment on our program, but rather a question to all of you. Is it reasonable to be a bit concerned? Let me explain:

-The 2015 class. Yes we landed Cornell and Hilliard, but outside of that can anyone truly say they are blown away with this class? Don't get me wrong it's solid and I like all the kids we are bringing in, but it just doesn't have the feel of a national title type talent class. I understand we are still in a great position with some top talent, but as things currently stand I think UK is the slight leader for Damien Harris and I don't see us landing either Richmond or Burrell despite us being right there. I'm confident in our class and all and think it'll be just fine, but I would have expected better. Expectations can be a downer I guess.

2016: Disclaimer: This is incredibly premature but some trends here are also concerning. As Birm has stated, we trail for BOTH Kraemer and Eichenberg and these kids are guys we could really use. Hopefully we can find a way to land one of them because losing both would really sting. It's also concerning to see top WR talent heading elsewhere. I'm not overly concerned, just think OSU fans should temper their enthusiasm when thinking the 2016 class is gonna be some record setting class. We Are gonna miss out on some guys and that's just part of the game. Still, I think OSU fans should prepare for some disappointment as I don't see it playing out the way many think it's going too. 

All in all, as an avid recruiting follower I just wanted to share my feelings of angst to see how others feel. OSU recruiting is OSU recruiting. We will do just fine. But with us losing some really tough battles lately and seemingly looking like we are going to continue to lose some tough ones to start the 2016 class, are we confident that our recruiting is on par with what's going to be needed to lead us to a title? I'd love to hear what others have to say. It's an honest question and addresses the slippery slope of a fans unrealistic expectations versus what's truly needed to keep up with the likes of Alabama and other powerhouses around the nation. Disappointments in recruiting are inevitable, but from an objective point of view it seems to me OSU has fallen back a step or two in recruiting. Only adds to the importance of this upcoming season IMO.


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Someone check and see if skid21 has ten accounts too.

High and tight boo boo

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Speaking of Skid, he hasn't been around in awhile. I hope he isn't avoiding 11W over that minor kerfuffle.

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Why avoid 11W on one account when you have nine others to enjoy?

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Time to focus on EGW again. He apparently just goes to FNL and whups on whoever he's matched up against. Hopefully he keeps his nose clean, continues to fly under the radar, and kicks some ass next year and beyond...

A man got to have a code...

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Egw is another star too. Trust in urbs. Remember all the 3* guys earned their offers in person i love that just look at darron lee from a few classes ago

stark county football

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Once again someone forgets about Jamel Dean lol. Seriously, I think a lot of people just forgot about him. Which is understandable I guess, I mean he's only a 4-star cornerback.

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Still, I think OSU fans should prepare for some disappointment as I don't see it playing out the way many think it's going too. 

If you're going to follow recruiting, take your own advice.

This kind of thing happens every year in the the summer because a lot of the offers are camp offers and won't be five-star top ten position commits.

As far as 2016, we're looking about as good as you can want (if you're not Alabama and/or aren't from the south). Just curious but who which battles in 2016 have we lost yet, besides Craig?

Sure we trail for Eichengerg and MIGHT trail for Kraemer (last he named a leader it was us by the way) but it is super early with both of them.

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I just had a flashback to April reading this. 

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I checked the initial post date, after reading.  First thought the thread was bumped, and the OP was getting called out for being a negative Nancy.

When Ohio State was in the after glow of winning its National Championship ( say the 2003 and 2004 seasons) do any of you remember Thinking Florida was in the process of Building a soon to be 2 time Natty winner?  The mix/chemistry of the right coaches and the right players and avoiding injuries is an extremely difficult Perfect Storm to have happen.  You can hope and plan all you want.  You can garuntee nothing.  Over 99% of FBS fails in their attempt to win it all.

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yea, TG could commit and people would bitch about us not getting Sweat shortly after.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Very true on EGW. Dean too. I also would like to say that I posted this from one point of view to see what others thought. I personally kind of think the 2015 class doesn't need high profile guys ready to contribute immediately. With our success the last 2 classes we can afford to sign some high upside guys who will need some time to develop. I recognize that and definitely don't feel the sky is falling. Just curious what others think on the matter. 

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You might have tried to phrase it like you're being all positive and are just asking a question but you just spent four or five fairly lengthy paragraphs talking about how recruiting isn't up to speed. That sounds like complaining.

We also just got two commits. But they aren't five stars so who cares (Darron Lee, who'll be starting as a red-shirt sophomore was a three star camp offer).

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Way too early to worry about recruiting or rankings. As far as getting "star" recruits, I don't worry about whether they're a 5 star or 2 star. If we offer, and the staff accepts their commitment, it's good enough for me. When they get to college, you can throw away the star system anyway. They all start from ground zero. We're still in on some big names and we're always gonna lose out on some highly ranked kids we recruit. That's what happens when you recruit the best of the best. Not disappointed in this class whatsoever.

As far as 2016 and beyond go, we're in on 4 of the top ten passers in the class. I do think it will be key to get one of them locked down sooner than later, so we don't start out slower than usual, and have a class "leader". And we already have Danny Clark locked up for 2017, so we have a class leader for that year already.


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Also voicing some opinions of "friends" who have been freaking out lately with this post. I personally fall in the middle. Those of you who dismiss this post as nothing and incredulous are just as wrong as those who are upset with recruiting IMO. I think there are inherent concerns at the moment but also a lot to like. 

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I can't say I completely disagree with you. Somewhat disappointing. We had an outstanding 13&14. And I still believe this year is going to be top 10. If we are to follow recruiting standings than we are FAR behind bama. And to be honest, that is all I care about (how are we doing vs the best of the best). But with that said I still like everyone of 14 players committed so far.  Recruiting rankings aren't be all end all. And we will be in top 10 come February 6. 

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I think its quality over quantity (leave the star ratings at the door).

UFM and staff are bringing in young men with high character. Since I've really followed recruiting (about the time I joined 11W), the staff has expanded OSU's national footprint and are bringing in solid kids from all over.

I like where the program is, and where it is going.

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I trust what Urban and staff identify as the talent they need to win...and not basing off blowhards who rank players for one reason or another. 

There are plenty of players who are rated by the services as a 3 star and have offer lists that read like a who's who of college football blue bloods. I believe the coaches, and specifically our staff, combing the country for players that fit our needs and style/systems identify what talent they need/want better than some "national recruiting service." Considering Urban has won at BG, Utah, Fla and now here, he gets the benefit of the doubt in my book. Urban has mentioned many times and many ways that recruiting is the life blood of college football, this is one area where I don't see him dropping the ball and/or loosing ground. 

In the end, it doesn't matter if a kid is a 0 star or a 94849494 star, it's what you do with them once you get them. How you develop them. Ask Laurinaitis. Ask Hawk. On the flip side, ask Brady Hoke how those highly ranked high schoolers are doing for him. 

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The more I reflect on my post the more I realize the season can't get here soon enough lol

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Florida State recruiting rankings via 247 sports:

2010: 7th

2011: 2nd

2012: 3rd

2013: 10th

Ohio State recruiting rankings via 247 sports:

2011: 7th

2012: 5th

2013: 2nd

2014: 3rd

I think the recruiting is falling right in line for a team with National Championship aspirations

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My broken record thoughts:

Top flight recruits rarely commit early. 

Offer lists are more important than stars. 

Lower star guys often have a lot of drive and want to prove people wrong. 

Lower star recruits are often victims of circumstance due to geography and quality of competition and are thus difficult to evaluate.

We have solid commits doing work as we speak. 

One or two key commits can start the avalanche again. 

Urban always closes well. 

I am not worried.

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One to add to the list:

Camp offers are never reaches.

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Copy and paste that into a text file, cuz you'll need to post this many, many times in the future...

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I think any post in the recruiting forum should automatically have this message pop up and ask the user if s/he still wants to post the topic.

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I agree, if I hear we got a commit over Bama, Florida, and Texas I'm hyped. If it's over Illinois and West Virginia, eh.

And you know THIS....man!

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Recruiting is certainly an interesting thing to follow. People get antsy if a class isn't filling up fast enough. Then they get down if the class isn't full of highly ranked guys. But at the same time some explain the 3 star pick-ups by saying they're way better than their ranking and bring up past guys who were "only 3 star guys and ended up being studs".

My view on recruiting is pretty simple. I follow it pretty closely, but I don't get carried away with it. I get excited with each guy who commits, 3 star, 4, 5, long snapping 2 star, whatever. If the staff thinks a kid deserves a spot on the team, great. And if we miss on a guy, we miss on a guy. It happens.

And we all know you can't really tell how good a class is until several years later, you know, when those guys are actually playing college football.

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Just my opinion, but since Meyer has been here:
2012 - consensus #5 class
2013 - consensus #2 class
2014 - consensus #3 class

2015 - currently #15 class with the potential to grab a few players from a group of: 5* Josh Sweat, 5* Torrance Gibson, 5* Damien Harris, 4* Drew Richmond, 4* Matt Burrell, 4* Neville Gallimore, 4* Jordan Whitehead, 4* Michael Weber, 4* Lawrence Cager, (flip) 4* Jerome Baker, etc. The addition of Gibson, Harris and Burrell alone would put OSU's class at #4 as of this moment. There is still PLENTY of time for OSU's 2015 class to be a top 5, even top 3 class in the country.

Over the last 3 recruiting classes, only Alabama has a higher average. And as you mentioned, it is incredibly early to read anything into 2016's class. I will say this though, I'd be shocked if getting a top-5 in the country QB in Dwayne Haskins, Jr. won't light a match under that class, as well. Not trying to dissuade you from how you're feeling -- as you mentioned, you're primarily just voicing your friends' opinions -- but it's very likely that OSU will finish 2015 and 2016 with two top 5 classes. No one other than Alabama does that for 5 years straight, so recruiting is the last thing I'm personally worried about.

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While it is nice to get 5* recruits, there are plenty of youngsters that OSU has gotten that prolly should have been rated better than 5*. Based on Urban's track record, I have no reason to doubt how, why and who they recruit.

This is really the first year that Urb's recruits will start/play as the majority of the starters. We have seen an impact with Spence, Washington, Bosa, Dontrae, Bell, etc. but other than the D-line, most of Urb's recruits were playing moderately. This year, all the DB speed/athleticism and WR/RB speed/athleticism will shine. Urban had brought in a lot of talent that is ready to take the field this fall. 

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Choose your own response!

A)  I trust in Urban, we're Ok.

B) Good God, we're tanking... We just take any three and four star recruit.  Say goodbye to our NC run!

C) I think 9route is bitter about the ban hammer and getting his revenge through working us up into a recruiting cluster&$/&:$-  

D) I'm gonna go tweet some five star recruits to get this train back on the tracks. 

I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. - Bruce Lee

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D is the way to go guys! Power in numbers!

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Wait 9route is gone? How did I miss this news?

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When wss 9route banned?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Just a few hours ago, I believe. The staff posted earlier releasing that he had 10 accounts total and was cited for being a nuisance on many of said accounts.

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I just checked that thread. I'll miss him...

He was NotCincy? XD

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Among others. Uncle 9er is probably the only one I'll miss.

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There are literally THOUSANDS of high school players. No matter how good recruiting sites are, they can't possibly see and evaluate everyone. That's why star ratings are overblown. Sure, they get a lot of the top players from all over, but they also miss guys that go on to do great things. 


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I have had a hard time looking for George Hill highlights but they are now on youtube posted on July 9th. This kid is sic, he has two more years left of high school and already looks like he is a 5*.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Seriously! Worried about recruiting! SMDH
Uh, you are an idiot.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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Nice squirrel. That's not the kind of stuff we expect from a premium lounger like you.

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Imo, Urban knows what kind of player he needs, the man has won 2 titles. GO BUCKEYES.

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"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying."
Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987

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blah blah 5* who didn't pan out blah blah blah 2* who turned into a probowler blah blah.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.  1 Corinthians 9:24

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What, no botany fans on 11W?  For the non-gardening types, the above flower is a stargazer.
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Serious question here, not trying to ruffle any feathers but how many of our recent signees would be here if not for UFM? I mean do you guys really think Tressel would have landed the likes of Bell, McMillian, Dixon, Wilson just to name a few. I think Urban has a lot of us spoiled. 

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Vonn Bell? Pluck him from Georgia? No way.

The only area where I think recruiting could step it up a notch is receiver. And I mean 6 foot 2 and up, not these tweener types or if they are on the shorter side, they're TRUE recievers. Guys who can rip the top off a defense and singlehandedly dominate games. At one point Tressel had 3 NFL receivers on the same field. I'm waiting for Meyer to find those types on the outside.

And you know THIS....man!

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Only time I'll ever complain about recruiting under UFM is if things aren't where they should be come nsd. Urban is a closer, and makes big things happen later in the process. We should all know that by now.


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There is one thing I'm pretty darn sure about.  If the coaches see a kid in person and offer him this early, HE'S AT LEAST A LEGITIMATE FOUR STAR TALENT and most probably a Top 100 type player.  With over 7 months to go before signing day, and a whole Senior season for additional, under the radar talent to emerge, NONE of the top programs are reaching for players at this point in the game.  If they offer and accept a commitment, you can bet your bottom dollar they, really, REALLY want the kid.

The only time you should worry about getting 3 stars is if it is happening close to NSD.

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The only time you should worry about getting 3 stars is if it is happening close to NSD.

Hmmm... you mean like Kenny G?

"I'm happy as hell, I ain't gonna lie."

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Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome EEYORE to the message board!  I kid, I kid, but seriously, we're seeing more recruiting success than we have seen in a long time here at OSU.  I would say that the classes Urbz is bringing in are probably in some ways better than any of Tressel's classes, and I feel like that is indeed saying something.

The 3* guys will get offers, sight unseen, from the likes of Duke, Illinois, Virginia, Northwestern, and smaller programs of that size.  The flipside is, those kids come to Ohio State and camp, the coaches see them work on the field, and they EARN their offer from tOSU, and that's how it's supposed to be with the powerhouse programs.  Bama, FSU, UGA, ND, and all those programs will sign their share of 3* players too.  Don't get hung up on the rating, just know that even if they are ranked lower, the coaches saw something in them that granted them their offer.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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I had a whole lot to say about this topic but then I just shook my head and thought to myself that it wasn't worth it.

Carry on losing sleep over the 2016 class.

On July 27th.



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I a true fan revoke your fan card.    I can't sleep at night since I am not sure where a bunch of High School Juniors to be are going to spend their college years.     If you want your card back you better respond to my 4:10am post about Danny Clark being 5 minutes late to his 4am work out.    

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Fans complained in May about how no one was committing("WE'RE STUCK AT 2!!!!!"). Twelve commits later, people are still complaining. :/

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I'm reserving judgement until after the season. Player rankings can drastically. I've seen players jump 60 spots after a break out senior year.Also Another dominant season should help land a few more elite players. Wait till February.

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men

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Some people are never satisfied and I get that.  Urban and you are the same.  He wants the #1 class every year just like all of us.

However, we don't go out and sign 35 guys ever.  A lot of top schools sign around 10 3* guys every class, with 10-13 4* guys and 2-3 5* with specialists sometimes. 

As many have said, if a kid comes to camp, and Urban thinks he deserves and offer, like some of these 3* guys have done, then who are we to disagree? 

Also, you say we aren't a favorite for Harris or Burrell, yet we are almost 100% the predictions on 247 for both (34/34 people say Burrell ends up a Buckeye).  Richmond isn't that loud on anything, but we are right there with Tennessee, so I don't know why you think we lose out on all these guys, especially when Meyer is the best closer in the game today

This is a theme for you.  Say you aren't trying to be negative, then you are extremely negative in your post.  Being realistic, then saying we will lose out on all 3 of Burrell, Harris and Richmond is funny to me

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Love this post and completely agree. As far as those 3 go, as I said I recognize we are right there for them, but my gut has me worried on all 3. But what do I know lol. 

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The coaches know what they want.  I am sure they spend a great deal of time determining who to offer for a class. History has proven that ratings is not the ultimate determining factor in the success of the overall team.  Coaching plays a big part.    TTUN always have great classes and look at them.  They are miserable.   Michigan State routinely takes these 3 stars and builds solid teams.    Alabama always has the highest rated class and while they have done very well, if you listen to Steve Spurrier who claims that Saban is the greatest recruiter in history,  they have certainly not lived up to the expectations of their classes.  They should win a national championship every year which they don't.   The fans are more wrapped up in rankings because we want to brag about how our team finished and to give us hope for the future, artificial or not.   

With all of that said, I am concerned about the number of kids we can take.   We know there are some real "projected" stars out there like Harris, Burrell, Prince, Gallimore and especially Sweat who won't commit until much later.    I am scared that we will max out before these guys are ready to make a decision.    I trust the coaches to believe that who we take are as good as those guys because they have more information and the average fan makes decisions solely on what we read.   

I would love to have all of these highly rated kids but I have to trust the coaching staff we have to make the absolute the best out of what we have.   Urban Meyer has earned the right for the fans to believe in him and his staff.  

LOL  I may have to change my name to Mr. Sunshine.   :)  

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Things like this is because we get caught up with star ratings. Look at all the opinions that McMillian should start when they have not as yet watched him play a single college game. I think the staff is knows what they want and are taking there time to get what they are after. We are fine and will most likely be from 5-10 in ranking which really means very little compared to four yrs. later to see the outcome.

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Wow, really?

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Hey I'm on another board that is a pure sports board even some OSU fans there feel the same way.  Though if I recall last year during the summer some of the recruits we took where 3 stars.  Terry Mclauren and Eze was a 3 star at one point as well.  I wouldn't be suprised if a few of our 3 stars turned into 4 stars just like last year.

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I get that 5 star commits bring about more excitement than 3 star camp offers, but recruiting rankings are very far from the "end all be all".  I'm pretty sure Urban Meyer and this staff are a whole lot more informed than some recruiting analysts and ourselves.

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I think Urban should clear anyone he wants to offer a scholarship to with us through a vote in the daily poll since I know my fellow 11W brothers know better than he does how to judge talent and who fits best on the team.    Then before he accepts a commit he should clear that with us also.   

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"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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