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Who was 271 on red last night?

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July 26, 2014 at 10:37am

He worked out with the tight ends and WRs some. He was very fluid in his route running and catching the ball. He catch the ball away from his body and use his body to fend off the defender.

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Binjimen Victor 2016 FL WR or 2015 WR/TE AJ Alexander

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Do his parents have a drinking problem?

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Seems have the people love your humor the other half hates it I for one chuckled.

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Oh the division of Eleven Warriors. A fourth of the site can't take a joke.

Paralyze resistance with persistence. - Woody Hayes

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I want to give this both an upvote and a downvote. 

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When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Sounds like Russian spy talk, I don't trust any of this.

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Also-----who were 29, 171, 77?

Who was qb wearing a baseball hat (caucasian)?

Thank you.

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AJ Alexander, he was my second favorite TE out there. Farrell was the best imo

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Also who was the recruit with the Red 'Friday Night Lights' Shirt? Thanks in advance. 

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I want to down vote you for feeling the need to use italics there. If anyone would have answered that in a serious way I'm pretty sure they would have been banned. I'm not going to though as I'm in a charitable mood.

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Didn't want some people to start calling me out for not using the sarcasm italics and thinking I was asking that in a genuine way. Some people freak when italics aren't applied.

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Does anybody know who 185 in red was? He was wearing long blue sleeves and was a receiver??