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Sweat at FNL

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July 18, 2014 at 3:30pm

On the most recent article detailing how Elite 15 could round up, there was mention that Josh Sweat is expected at FNL. Any truth to this?

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The latest recruiting article says he is expected to be there.

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Couldn't this be asked in the 11w Update article rather than creating an entire topic about it?

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I like it......keeps me from rootin for crootin news!

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Clearly the only way he should decide where he goes between VA Tech and OSU is who ever wins in the Shoe this fall

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Jordan Wagner would not lie to us

Go Bucks!

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Idk he's always seemed a little shady to me.

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Those Wagners tend to be shady.

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Natalie Wood agrees.

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Sweat just finished an unofficial visit at FSU and he said in an interview he does not have any plans for the rest of the summer.


He is not coming to FNL.

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(Debbie downer GIF)

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Did he say he wasn't coming in that article?

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Wonder how much that cost them?

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So is he coming or not? 

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I'd be surprised if he doesn't show up - This is one destination he has been exploring since day 1

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I would be surprised if he did show up based on that interview.

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If he doesn't come, that can't be good for Ohio State........makes me kinda nervous

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