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Hilarious Vols recruiting pic for Jerome Baker

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July 9, 2014 at 8:14pm
slam dunk edit
i'm dying


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Somehow putting him in a Vol uniform makes him look like he is having the worst day ever.

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Happy Halloween!!! He looks like a Creamsickle!!


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Tennessee wears orange so their fans can support the team on Saturday, wear the same shirt to go hunting on Sunday, then keep the same shirt on for their garbage man  duties on Monday. 

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Not sure why, but this made me laugh. :)

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i can't get enough of that microsoft paint helmet "T"

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I think the person that drew the yellow stripe down the middle of the helmet might have parkinson's...so let's be nice.

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UF/Buckeye battle. Rumors he's favoring Gators, Urban on the full court-press is hard to go against, should be a heck of a finish to his recruitment this week. 

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This is about as funny as reading the twitter arguments between Kentucky and OSU fans on every one of Damien Harris's tweets.  The occasional woes of depression of UM fans make them even better!

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"...and this is how it feels to be a Volunteer."

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the ohio state edit is unfathomably better than the vols

osu baker
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I don't think it's an actual edit, I believe it to be a clever way of reusing a cj Barnett picture 

Nicholas l Ernst

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With that many buckeye leaves, I think it has to be Kurt Coleman

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Coleman had lighter skin and bigger arms

Nicholas l Ernst

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I find this a bit creepy

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Definitely not Coleman.

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Unfathomably. Sorry sorry I know I know. And yes! That's tight. Thanks for sharing!

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Vicariously embarrassed. 

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

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Much like their football program, that picture is terrible.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The simple insults tend to be my favorite.

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Trying I guess.


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Has 2 247 flips to Florida.  If it happens I'm NOT going to be one of the guys that says "oh well... Next up"

1. Sweat

2. Kirk

3. Baker

In order of the most important recruits including all the current commits.

Im preparing for a sad day.

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2 picks for Florida on 247, but they're both connected to Florida. Seems more like Florida hopefuls than anything. I would be more worried if it were an analyst with no connections to either program.

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THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!!!!!! - Peter Griffin

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That is so....wow that's bad

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Tennessee fans are by far the creepiest fans in all of college football. Just reading things they post to Torrence Gibson would make me not want to go to Tennessee. It's just plain sad!


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bbb's picture

any examples?

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I'll try to find it but since Gibson tweets like every hour and the post I'll be trying to find was from like 2 months ago, it might be a little difficult. But I remember seeing him retweet a tweet from a guy, who looked to be in his 30's, with a photo collage of Gibson but it was his phone background on like a Galaxy Note III. He had screenshotted it and sent it to Gibson with a caption like "Can't wait for this man to be a Volunteer! Who loves you TG!? We do, just look! #SEC." And to make it worse, it wasn't just an edit of him like in a Vol uniform, it was a picture Gibson tweeted out I believe, it was just him doing like funny faces and it was like 3 rows with 4 pics in each row and the guy turned it orange.

So he had like 12 Gibson faces....on his big ass Galaxy Note background. Screams creepy to me. 

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Just getting on Gibson's twitter will give you enough examples lol.

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Hillbilly photoshop. 

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others call it microsoft paint

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Two UK writers just picked him to become a Wildcat.  Quick, everyone freak out about it and start 300 posts about how a guy who has been all Buckeye is now going to Kentucky.

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The UK guys are the worst, I think they are under the impression that crystal balls are to show who their favorite teams are

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The only good thing to come out of Tennessee is Peyton Manning

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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I always liked Pat Summitt.  Someone needs to force her and Tom Izzo to spawn a hideous, terryifying, yet unstoppable basketball coach.

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Oh Rocky Top has another epic fail yet again............

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Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I would not choose to play my football in a stadium that has a giant, unsecured stadium floating ominously above my head. There has to be some sort of issue of negligence. Clearly UT's legal team dropped the ball here. This is a tragedy of Kiffinian proportions waiting to happen.

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Speak for yourself. This is clearly UT trying to top JerryWorld and if the levitation works, I think they've won it. My only question is whether the repulsion that keeps the screen afloat will exert any downward force on the ball in mid-air, affecting throws.

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Damn.  If he wanted some attention for his announcement he picked a pretty bad week for it.

Lebron + The Opening...seems like people have almost forgot about Baker's decision tomorrow.

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Tennesse, Tennessee, Ain't no place I'd rather be....
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I can't un-see this.....

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Look, in their defense, most of the staff just learned how to read, so doing ANYTHING with Photoshop is quite impressive.

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Lol.  It's like they didn't even make a half-hearted attempt with the Adidas, block T, and SEC logos.  

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LOL, that's a friggin joke.

Class of 2010.

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It appears with the mega lightning strikes the gods are angry that UT is imitating a football program.  It would be cool to see a version of this with the band and team frantically running off the field looking for cover.

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I put this together to hopefully make a last-second pitch for Jerome to attend my hometown University of Findlay! Go Oilers!

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I'm amazed at the work and effort put into this pic!! It's like candy for my eyes. This shit has nothing on Picasso. Why would he want to go anywhere else???? Obviously the place for him is Tennessee, lol

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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whiskeyjuice's picture

I'm amazed at the work and effort put into this pic!! It's like candy for my eyes. This shit has nothing on Picasso. Why would he want to go anywhere else???? Obviously the place for him is Tennessee, lol

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Do you mean "Picasso has nothing on this shit" ?

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It really is unbelievable how much better Sammy Silverman's designs are then the rest of the competitions.  And I'm not knocking Sammy's - because they are certainly amazing - but some of these other things are look like GRADE SCHOOL drawings.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  Seriously... THAT'S the BEST you can do?!??!

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What do you expect, it isn't a professional, but a Volunteer. 

At least I rind my puns funny. 

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