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Evan Blankenship

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July 3, 2014 at 6:27pm

यहां तक कि जिस स्कूल में सिमरन पढ़ती थीं, उस स्कूल के छात्र और छात्राओं ने भी इकट्ठा होकर पट्टे को बढ़ाने के ख़िलाफ़ प्रदर्शन किया है.

उन्होंने जानलेवा पट्टे को ख़त्म करने की मांग की. बच्चों के हाथों में तख़्तियों पर लिखा था, ''हम खिलौनों के साथ खेलना चाहते हैं, बमों के साथ नहीं.''

मुख्यमंत्री उमर अब्दुल्लाह ने वादा किया है कि पट्टे के समझौते का नवीनीकरण नहीं किया जाएगा.

इस बीच, अलगाववादी समूहों ने भी 'तोसा मैदान बचाओ फ्रंट' के पीछे अपना ज़ोर लगा दिया है.

मौलवी मक़बूल कहते हैं, ''हम उस हर शख्स के शुक्रगुजार हैं जो हमारा समर्थन करता है. लेकिन हमें तब खुशी होगी जब लोग इसमें जुड़ेंगे. अगर हम इसका राजनीतिकरण करेंगे तो प्रशासन को बहाना मिल जाएगा.''

भारतीय सेना के पूरे कश्मीर में बड़ी संख्या में रक्षा प्रतिष्ठान हैं. सेना ने कई जगहों पर अपने प्रशिक्षण केंद्र बना रखे हैं.

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Da fuq

"faith seeking understanding” (fides quaerens intellectum)

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Couldn't have said it better myself, OP.

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Speak American, son.

A man got to have a code...

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My Hindi is strong (as well as my Google Translate skills). It says:

Even Simran read out in the school, and the school boys and girls to collect the rent increase is performed against.

He sought to eliminate hired killer. Tkhtion in the hands of the children wrote,'' We want to play with toys, not with bombs.''

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has promised that he will not renew the lease agreement.

Meanwhile, separatist groups also 'Save Tosa Maidan Front has put behind his loud.

Maqbool cleric says,'' We are thankful to every person who supports us. But then we'd love to join the people in it. If we politicize the administration will find an excuse.''

Indian troops in Kashmir in large numbers throughout the defense establishment. Many places have kept his army training center.

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I am almost in tears over here.

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Absolutely beautiful

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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The offseason is getting weird, folks.

I season my simple food with hunger

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so, you probably just got 11warriors flagged in the NSA's system

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“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Looks like that chick is pinching off a few turtle heads...

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Love it or leave it, America #1