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Per Rivals, James Daniels to decide this summer

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June 30, 2014 at 2:07pm

OSU legacy. He has a Bama offer, long presumed Buckeye lean despite saying that Auburn was his leader. Not sure what to think about this one, but he's apparently committing soon. Also don't know if we need a center in this class, since Price is going to be a redshirt frosh, but I'm not an expert. 

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Pretty sure if the staff has offered we would take him. 

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I agree, even with a small class this year.

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I'm not so sure about this one.  Has offers from other big schools, and despite being a legacy, he's yet to show a ton of love for the Bucks, at least to my knowledge.  I wouldn't be surprised if he gets away.

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He is a very quiet kid.  Does not talk much.  I spoke with him a little while back and he was not leaning anywhere.  I hope that I can speak with him again, trying to contact him now.


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It seems like he wants to blaze his own trail somewhere else, but I could be wrong. Always would love to have a Buckeye legacy (like C.J. Sanders), but if not, good luck to the young man!

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I think he will go to Iowa. Ohio State already has Feder and Schmidt in this class, and with Burrell, Prince, Allen and Richmond out there, I believe they'll let Daniels go to Iowa.

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This kid has kept quiet and is hard to read. I think the difference is though a lot of those guys you mentioned are OT (obviously can convert to other positions) where Daniels is a straight OG/ OC. Him pushing his announcement up could be Urban saying class is filling up quick hop on now or slots fill up. Iowas also sitting at 3 OL commits 2 being interior lineman and recruits aren't exactly lining up out the door to play there at this point in time.

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I think Daniels will go to IOWA where he can play.

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I don't think osu will "let" him go anywhere he's a for sure take. Best ol in Ohio this yr. Think he goes iowa or sec to escape his dads shadow ala dante booker

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Agreed. He is 100% take. This staff has shown numerous times that they don't offer an ohio kid if they won't take his commitment. OSU was also one of if not his first offer.

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Best OL in Ohio isn't saying much this year. This class has limited space, and with Richmond, Burrell, Prince, Allen and others out there who all have Ohio State in their top 2 or 3, I just don't think they would accept his commitment. I could see them contacting him via his coach, and letting him know that the class has limited space, and that they are moving in a different direction and they wish him well on his future endeavors. Same thing they did with Fullwood.

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Fullwood never had a committable offer. Daniels has always had one. Daniels is also from Ohio AND a legacy. Big differences.

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