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Which 2015 target would you pick for each side of the ball?

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June 29, 2014 at 5:57pm

Excluding our current commitments in the 2015 class, if you could pick one prospect for offense AND defense to join the Bucks who would it be?

On offense I would take Damien Harris because I think he has the skills to carry an offense and seems to have to frame to withstand 20+ carries a game. I was torn between Harris and Christian Kirk because he (Kirk) could be an instant impact player for any team. Both the WR and RB positions have young talent but OSU hasn't signed a RB who was so highly regarded since Beanie Wells.

Defensively, Josh Sweat gets the nod. While Justin Hilliard and Jashon Cornell are both players who are worthy of all the hype they will bring (hopefully to OSU on Wednesday!), no one in this class is as physically dominating as Josh Sweat. He seems to possess the speed of a linebacker but has the body of a defensive end. This is a guy who steps onto the field as a freshmen and wrecks oppossing linemen for 3 years until he gets drafted. On film, I haven't seen another defensive player in 2015 who looks as fast and tackles as well as Sweat. The QBs look like they are running with 10 lb weights on their ankles while he is tracking them down.

So fellow 11ws, who are your picks for the offensive and defensive players that the Bucks cannot do without in 2015? (current commits to other programs are acceptable)

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I'd take Max Power on offense. Sounds tough.

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Hilliard and Kirk.

(Fingers crossed)

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I could not agree more. Not only will Hilliard be an impact player, but he's a hell of a recruiter too. As for Kirk, I just have this gut feeling that he will end up being the reason we stop searching for the "next Percy Harvin" and start looking for the next Christian Kirk.

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Same, and I actually think Dontre Wilson can do that. I listened to Nyheim Hines interview at Columbus NFTC, and he said the staff told him that he would be used in same position as Percy Harvin and Dontre Wilson. So, that means they really like Dontre and will use him a lot this year.

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Offense - Christian Kirk

Defense - Josh Sweat

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Offense-Harris...on the fact we have like 4 legit guys that have similar athleticism that play maybe a similar position as Kirk would.

Defense-Sweat....Kid is a super rare talent(Clowney ish) and I think Hilliard might be comparable to Kwon and Cornell might be comparable to 2016 Bosa.


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I agree on Kirk. Thats not saying I wouldnt be ecstatic to add "another" Kirk type of WR

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Spot on...+1

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Kyler Murray and Kevin Toliver.

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Harris and Sweat.

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Hilliard and Kirk no question about it. Throw in Cornell, Sweat, Harris, and that's a heck of a hull.

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What type of boat?

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Ben Edwards

A man got to have a code...

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What.....no Gibson (LOL).

Harris on offense (great RBs seem more rare than great WR in today's recruits)


Sweat on defense (barely over Hilliard).......I think we have had a solid linebacker haul the last few years

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That's the reason I picked sweat over Hilliard. Especially after last years class of linebackers. With spence and bosa possibility leaving early, I think sweat is more of a "need"

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I feel like I'm in the minority when it comes to preferring Scott over Harris. I'm pretty sure he faced tougher competition than Harris and he played injured (foot) most of last year. I think his style of running the ball is what this offense needs. Not saying I don't like Harris because I do. That would be an amazing 1-2 punch. 

To answer the question.. Offense: Kirk  Defense: Sweat

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Our recruiting class turning into a top 5 class?


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I think your analysis is spot on.

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Hilliard and Kirk or Kirk and Hilliard - any one of those combinations work for me.

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Harris because i know he will get the ball.....and i think Hilliard is a 10 year player in the NFL, but Sweat may be better then that...a total disruption on defense that some teams may not have a answer for....don't think we will get him but he is the jewel of the class....


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My preference has, and continues to land with Ryan Timmons, on offense and Defense.

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