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Package Deal or it appears?

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June 29, 2014 at 11:37am

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Should be a banner day for the Scarlet and Gray

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Just a little late on this one, JMA. 305 posted earlier.

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Any of the 11W recruiting staff want to weigh in? The Boykin decision timing has a few people worried. 

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Boykin is lessening the blow for ND IMO.

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I'm not really worried. I think they're both going to the Buckeyes. Hilliard is a very important component to this recruiting class tho. If for some reason he chooses ND, it will be a big blow. When Hilliard comes... So does Cornell and Harris. That's 3 big time players and I'm sure Hilliard will be a big part of recruiting some other guys since he's an in-state kid and can be on campus quite a bit. 

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I hope they're Buckeyes but if they were to choose someone else then I'd prefer the Hawkeyes.  I don't like ND at all.

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I second that emotion TED

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Anyone else thinking that maybe a couple other recruits will jump at the opportunity to announce on the same day to the same school...maybe try to one up what a few others did with Alabama a while back?  With the number of commits we currently have and a projected class size between 16-20ish (depending on who you talk to), there may be some urgency for uncommitted players to secure their spot in Cbus.  Would love for the Bucks to be the recipient of those good fortunes (especially with the level of talent UFM is chasing right now).

A win over TTUN is one of the most important annual milestones I can think of!

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Good question. I think by coach Meyer telling the media it's going to be a small class may have worked how he wanted. I thought Harris said he would commit in the fall? I could see him moving his announcement up since Scarlett has de-committed and his high on the bucks. Scott will prob follow, if not I can see webber. Kirk----think he a little ways out, but he wants to play with Harris and Hilliard n Cornell. Would love to see sweat do the same day!!!  Icing on the cake would be Pette or Van Jefferson

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