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Any Josh Sweat updates?

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June 25, 2014 at 9:24pm

Birm tweeted we made positive gains, but did we hit a homerun? Is it still an uphill battle or do we have a legit chance?


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You got to be sh*ttin me man. What's the talley at now?

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No. There are no updates. If there were any updates, you would see them.

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Hey jbuck, if there are no updates then why did you link on his FT? Dude was asking a question, don't beat him down for it. 

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You'll have to explain to me what new hip lingo "link his FT" is. As for "beating him down," that certainly wasn't my intention. I don't try to hurt anyone's feelings with my few comments on here, but I understand how you could feel I was being rude. However, posts like these are the epitome of the epidemic going on these forums. We already have a great staff on 11w giving us information and people like 305buck giving what seems to be paywalled info from other sites. I know it's easy to get spoiled with all of that, but we gotta stay patient man.

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I feel you, Jbuck. The information will come as soon as it is known. Remain patient.

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There are plenty of updates in the premium lounge. 

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Bill Kurelic on Bucknuts was texting with his mom and she said they would get back to him tomorrow evening after they talk it over

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He visited today, no one knows how it went.

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Certainly aware of that Funtubs ... just felt we did not need to create a new thread ... unless he committed of course!

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OK I gotcha. But at this point more Josh Sweat and Justin Hilliard threads are inevitable

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Saw that Hilliard recently followed him on twitter.  Whether that was a fake account or not I'm not sure but it could either be a really good sign or a really bad one.

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Pretty sure it's a fake account, all you have to do is look through some of those tweets.

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If he is following the fake account he probably just thinks it is funny.  Another possibility is he followed it without reading it and doesn't yet know it is fake.  Neither of these two scenarios are particularly negative.  Actually, I'd say no explanation really means a single thing about either recruit and their possibility of choosing Ohio State.

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 We will have an update soon, kid just finished his visit, it'll be a few days. I'm not sure why but I feel like we actually have a chance, but take that with a grain of salt

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If anybody has the breaking news on where J. Sweat went for dinner, and what he ordered .... thank you ahead of time.

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According the the BM5 today: He came away very impressed!!! Would love to be coached by LJS. Only negative was how big the campus actually is. He did travel here on his own dime, and it is like a 9hr drive. So to me that says he is very interested in playing here. I really do want this guy!!!

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My patience sucks just about as bad as TSUN. 

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But I want it now!


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I want to know right meow!!!

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